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"We cannot have a healthy and safe community unless all of us are concerned about the harsh realities of poverty and violence. I want to see our youth on a path to college — not prison. I want to see community members employed — not in gangs. I want to know that we are raising our children in healthy, nurturing neighborhoods — not among negative influences of criminal activity. To solve our community’s deeply rooted gang problems, a sustained investment is critical —one that conjoins financial support with the collective will of all of us who share this community."  Jaylene Moseley, President, Flintridge Center

Flintridge Refuses to Give Up 

The mission of the Flintridge Center is to create profound and lasting change in the San Gabriel Valley and greater Los Angeles area through innovative programs that break the cycle of poverty and violence. Our vision is of a healthy, safe community where families thrive, youth reach their full potential, and equality and opportunity are accessible to all. Flintridge Center’s mentoring and summer school programs serve more than youth who are at-risk for dropping out of school or joining gangs. Our reintegration and career readiness programs provide formerly incarcerated individuals and former gang members with opportunities to rebuild their lives. We implement a continuum of prevention and intervention programs designed to improve educational achievement, break down barriers to employment, and steer individuals away from crime, violence and incarceration.

Transformation is possible – we see it every day! 

Flintridge Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.