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As many of you know, I have had a large amount of money stolen(scammed, frauded) from me via an individual named Tom Dely in Ontario Canada. To date, the amount is now nearly $60,000 USD and growing (collections fees, taxes etc.). Tom had promised me he would manufacture stuff for me. But he never did. Instead, I paid for his entire existence for an entire year. Everything from rent to food. EVERYTHING. He sucked me dry of everything from my stock shares to my inherited 401K to running up all my credit cards whose interest rates BALLOONED as a result. ALL GONE, before I realized I was never going to get anything in return. This also includes two pieces of manufacturing machinery, a mill and a lathe, that I purchased for $20,000 USD with tooling. That he is still in possession of. I have tried very hard to get this money back to no avail.

I have now been speaking with an attorney in London, Ontario. The amount of the retainer needed is $3,000 USD in order to get this sorted once and for all. But because of him, my life went into, and still is, in a major financial tailspin. So, I am asking for help to resolve this situation once and for all. The $3,000 USD covers the paperwork costs for the attorney, ie subpoena. And possible seizure and repossession costs of my machines. Tom, if you are reading this, I am done screwing around. But it's not too late to workout a payment plan. Contact me and we can do it through the attorney. Otherwise, you will be receiving correspondence from the attorney that you will need to respond to.

Not only will your donation go towards helping me recover my money. But it will also help to stop Tom from continuing to do this, as he has in the past and currently is still doing, to other people.
Thanks for reading and helping!

Kara Guire
Owner, Flipside USA



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