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flood is more than name of a ministry, a really cool logo, a club in school, or a place to serve on the weekends. Flood is a movement in the hearts of students to serve in their homes, neighborhoods, schools, and communities because they have learned that through loving and serving others, they can impact the life of someone around them.  All it takes is for one student to realize that they can make an impact and become “one drop that can cause a flood.”

flood began in 2007 simply because students who had been serving in a private school did not have a chance to serve when they transitioned into their public high schools.  A grass roots effort started of taking these students to serve every other month. With that came their outreach to invite their friends to serve alongside them.  As they continued to bring more and more friends, the founder of flood, Kimberly Scales, began to ask God what he wanted to do with the passion these students had for serving. It was then that God created flood. Since that time, students have continued to demonstrate their desire to serve in their communities and invite their friends to experience what happens when they give a piece of their heart and time to someone in the community in need.   There is no other organization currently providing to students what flood offers- a consistent, Christ centered ministry that allows students to lead other students in serving by reaching out in their schools and communities.


flood has 5 SATURATION METHODS that engage students to serve in their local communities. 

School Chaptersare set up in high schools to recruit students to serve at local projects, to raise awareness about social injustices, and have “in house” projects to support work with community partners. Each chapter has a teacher sponsor and student leaders that oversee the chapter at each school. With the help of flood adult leadership, student leadersare equipped with the skills and resources needed to develop and sustain thriving school chapters.

SERVE NOW Projectsare projects that students can sign up to serve at any time that is best for their schedule.  Working with our community partners, a variety of projects are offered at different times throughout the month.

GET WET short term tripsare custom mission trips that can be a one day of service, weekend, or week long mission trips that provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in service. Flood can coordinate GET WET trips for any youth group or organization.

BRING ON THE RAINday of service is scheduled on Martin Luther King day every year so students can come together and serve alongside each other across the city of Atlanta.

Youth Collaborationsare established with local churches and youth organizations by providinglocal mission opportunities for their students and small group/discipleship leaders as well as support opportunities for youth provided by the collaborating churches/organizations.


flood’s vision is for students to realize their call and responsibility to become servant leaders and follow the model Christ has set for us.  By serving, students make lasting impacts on their communities and in turn, spread the love and word of Christ.


flood exists to cultivate servant hearts in students.  Providing local mission opportunities for students to saturate their communities with hearts and hands of Christ allows this cultivation process to take place.


flood is based on the foundation of Matthew 20:26-28 “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant and whoever wants to be first must be your slave- just as the son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”