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CROWDRISE : Jul 25, 2012
Tax ID: 71-1041506
BASED: Geneva, FL, United States



Our Mission

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   The F.Y.A. is a new organization setup to create and run programs that will try to help kids in Florida stay on the right path in life and away from drugs, gangs and jail, especially those in low-income homes.

   Our first program is a youth group based on Knighthood which any young boy can join without their parents worrying about any cost. Each chapter will raise money to cover the cost of things they wish to do. The F.Y.A. is currently looking at purchasing cotton candy and snow cone equipment, food permits, etc. for chapters to sign out to use to make money with. Camping is a fun activity for young people and is required to become a knight in this program. A chapter going camping must pay for supplies such as food and maybe help provide some of the gas money for the volunteers driving them. The F.Y.A. is alway looking for donations to buy camping equipment as will as to help maintain all of the equipment held by the organization for chapters to use.

The F.Y.A. uses a couple of old, donated laptops with tutorial software to help those in our knighthood program with Math, Science, English, and History. Once we have worked out the bugs in this area we hope to make this a stand alone program to help any low income child improve his grades.

This is just some of what the F.Y.A. is trying to do but we are on a shoe string budget need more funding and we hope people out there will help us.

Tax ID: 71-1041506 •


supporting Florida kids

supporting Florida kids

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