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Floydwarriors Com Inc

For individuals battling cancer, provides a volunteer Angel Army and contracts help in (when volunteers fall short) to ensure "Dinner is Done, Dishes are Clean and the Kids are OK!" Tax ID 45-4185253


On October 17th, 2008 my Mom & very Best Friend passed away after 12 years of living with Stage 4 breast cancer. She was 80 years old. I had an very incredible encounter with an Angel that day, that forever changed my life. While she helped with my Mom's passing- I knew she was coming for me and I would be an atheist no longer.

8 weeks later, on December 23rd, my surgeon told me I had cancer. I had an 
8 cm tumor that spread to 11/16 lymph nodes...and a 1 year old baby, surgery, months of treatment ahead...

He assured there were a lot of support groups available. My immediate reaction was, "But how will I put food on my table, clean and take care of my family?" He said nothing like that, as far as he knew, existed.
"I guess I'll have to start that organization!" I promised. 

I saw this moment as my mission, a very rare opportunity to share with the world how God is alive and well and living through us. While at St. Peter's Hospital for a bilateral mastectomy I was totally inspired to create this organization called  -an inspirational healing ministry and resource center to facilitate volunteers helping newly diagnosed cancer patients. The day after surgery, January 10th I drafted all my pages of  

Today is thriving and provides volunteer support and contracts in services when volunteers fall short  "Helping Families Cope With Cancer, One Household at a Time!"