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FMCancer Inc

Spread awareness, provide free resources & emergency financial assistance to help YOUNG ADULTS both FIGHT cancer & SURVIVE the wrath it can leave behind. Tax ID 45-4565406


My name is Jamie Bendola and in September of 2010, at just 25 years old I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I had two surgeries back to back, which caused me to miss a good amount of time from work. With the bills piling up, it was starting to look like my only option to make ends meet was to become a lady of the night – but, let’s be real; I could barely make it from the couch to my bed. Who’s going to pay for a night with someone that just lies there? Have you seen the escorts in South Florida? I still would have gone broke. <>

As I lay there, stuck on my couch – I realized there are many people that get diagnosed every day that aren’t as lucky as I am. And yes, I have to admit - I am lucky. My cancer was caught early and I had a few people in my life that helped support me financially during that time. Like myself, most young adults don’t have the money in the bank to deal with the financial burden of cancer, which makes it even more stressful than it already is.

I am in debt up to my ovaries (never mind. I don't have those or any other female reproductive organ, anymore) with medical bills. I don’t have insurance and will probably never be approved for insurance that I can afford, ever again. HEALTHCARE IN AMERICA IS A JOKE. Let’s skip the Obamacare debate for now.

Through my own cancer experience I discovered what I want to do for the rest of my life and this is why I founded FMCancer, Inc. (legal name) AKA FMC (the fun name). So, let’s talk about FMC and yes, it means FUCK MY CANCER. FMC’s main focus is to provide FREE RESOURCES for health and wellness, SPREAD AWARENESS and provide FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE to young adults with cancer and survivors.

At FMC we know that shit happens and while you’re stuck trying to deal with it life keeps going. I know that every time I went to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa it cost me approximately $150 in gas, work wages for the days that I had to miss and if I had to get another test the next day the cost of a hotel room. Who has all that extra money? This is why we developed the Financial Assistance program.

The financial assistance can be used to pay rent, car payments, car insurance, gym memberships, medical bills, etc. For example: Missed work due to cancer related issues? Are you behind on your car payments because of it? We’re here to help. Every 6 months we will choose a Young Adult with cancer or Young Adult survivor to dedicate the month to and raise money for. You can apply by submitting an essay about yourself and what you plan on using the money for, last years tax records and medical records showing diagnosis to

Currently we are limiting assistance to South Florida and Southwest Florida residents. There is one recipient for the designated month, but as we grow we hope to have multiple recipients participate in the designated fundraising months and also increase the frequency to every 3 months.
FMC is an art based organization which is where we came up with our motto "Live Life Outside The Lines" (like "color outside the lines") The first set of art we have available for purchase is "Dead People For Sale To Keep People Alive" I started developing these pieces while recovering from my surgeries. Eventually I would like to have studios to sell my work along with the work of Young Adult Survivors and Young Adults with cancer with the proceeds of their work going back directly to them to help with their financial burdens. FMC is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization.