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Food 4 Farmers

Food 4 Farmers
CROWDRISE : Feb 04, 2014
Tax ID: 27-2267267
BASED: Hinesburg, VT, United States


Lasting food security

We help coffee-growing communities find homegrown solutions to hunger.

Our mission is to facilitate sustainable food security programs in coffee-growing communities.

Climate change and low coffee prices have made coffee faring a risky venture for millions of smallholder farmers throughout Latin America. They simply cannot earn enough from their small plots of land to feed their families throughout the year.  As a result, coffee farming families endure "Los Meses Flacos," the Thin Months of hunger, after their income from coffee runs out - for several months a year, year after year.

We're trying to put an end to Los Meses Flacos, by helping coffee-farming families, cooperatives, and community-based organizations build long-term solutions to seasonal hunger. We work with Latin American coffee-growing organizations to coach and connect them with the expertise they need to implement effective strategies to diversify and increase their income or grow nutritious food crops, and the tools to manage their progress over time.

We target coffee co-ops and community-based organizations as the most effective partners to achieve lasting food security, because they have the capacity to organize and educate farmers to take action against hunger.

We believe empowering farming communities to increase production and consumption of local food has positive effects far beyond food security. With less food aid and production coming from overseas, there is less transport, energy use and impact on climate change. And, just as our communities here in the U.S. benefit from strengthening local food systems, so do coffee-growing communities.


Tax ID: 27-2267267 •


Food 4 Farmers VCM 2017

Food 4 Farmers VCM 2017

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