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FRB raises resources to support small holder farmers in developing countries to grow lasting solutions to hunger.

What we do: FRB engages volunteers to raise money for between 50-60 overseas programs a year. All of the programs focus on developing small-holder agriculture, often in the most remote and poorest regions of the world. We see agriculture as the solution to hunger experienced in much of the world.
Why Agriculture? Much of the world's poor are farmers or have no access to land. Having enough to eat for the whole year is dependent on growing enough to last all year. Hunger is often a seasonal issue as farmers run out of last year's food before the current year's harvest. If provided with training and basic inputs like seeds or small tools, farmers can increase their harvest and therefore their food security.
FRB Promotes -
Agriculture - Although farmers make up only 1% of the population in the US, 70% of the population in the developing world is rural; therefore agriculture plays a key role on the path to food security.
Sustainability - This word means more than the idea that teaching people to fish is better than giving them a fish to eat. Sustainable food security also means that people have the knowledge, technology, and access to the fish necessary for successful fishing.
Community - FRB provides an intersection for local, international, rural, urban, government, advocacy, farmer and non-farmer groups to work together within many communities on solving world hunger.
Grassroots - FRB works to improve the lives of small holder farmers and landless individuals in the developing world by raising support primarily from individuals and family farms in the developed world.
Awareness - FRB brings visitors from our overseas programs to the US to tell their story and often takes visitors to Washington DC to influence policy toward sustainability and food security.