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Kathy Herrygers' Fundraiser:

For the Love of Dogs

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Kathy Herrygers


I love dogs. All dogs. I love their smiles, playfulness, devotion, loyalty and intelligence. They instinctively protect their loved ones. They are trained to serve and save us in daily living and in extreme and dangerous situations. They guide the blind. They offer comfort to those in therapy. They aid law enforcement and security. They save soldiers and the general population everyday when they sniff out explosives at airports, in buildings and on the ground. They are beautiful animals that deserve the best that humans have to offer. What dogs do not deserve is cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment. Unfortunately, statistics in the United States and around the world indicate that millions of dogs are mistreated and suffer daily. I believe that together we can make a difference in the well-being and healthy survival of the dog population. This fundraiser is for the placement, shelter, care, medical treatment, medical research and population control of dogs. This fundraiser is for anyone who loves dogs. For anyone who has adopted, rescued or purchased a dog, please help this cause by making a donation today. To anyone who currently has dog is their life, please make a donation today. To anyone who has experienced the loss of beloved dog, please make a donation today. Whatever donation you can make is for a wonderful cause. One hundred percent of all donations made to this fundraiser will be dedicated to the cause and improve the life of a dog somewhere. Please give to 'For the Love of Dogs' today. Thank you! For Kobi and Tazzie. In memory of Turbo, George, Lily, Barney and Hannah.



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