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Fundraising, building awareness, fueling the fires of compassion.

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Our 'raison d'être' is the Forever Angels Baby Home, an interim care home in Mwanza, Tanzania that provides the highest quality of care for vulnerable babies and children under the age of 5. The all-Tanzanian staff who run the Baby Home are devoted to the children living under their safe and loving gaze. The Baby Home has been declared "The Best Orphanage in Tanzania" for good reason. But the team at Forever Angels has vision - they dream beyond the day to day pursuits of nurturing these little ones. They believe babies belong in families, not in orphanages. Not even in their orphanage. Out of this belief was born The Maisha Matters Project - Forever Angels's community outreach project aimed at supporting vulnerable families in the community who do not have the ability to successfully care for their young children. The Maisha Matters Project, with its intensive outreach support and disbursement of seed capital grants, is changing the Mwanza community one family at a time. Maybe someday, because of it's efforts, the Baby Home can peacefully close its doors. Until then, this gem of a charity on the shores of Lake Victoria deserves all our efforts, our heart, and (needless to say) our funds. Join us in supporting their work and dreams.