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We're all at battle with something. We're all living a story. Change begins when we understand the importance of who we are.

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The mission of foreverU is to revolutionize and enhance the understanding of bullying and the DIRECT impact we CAN make in one's life, while showing that no matter how hurtful or broken this World may be, LOVE always wins and the ability to discover our identity is possible.

We EXIST to uplift the hurting and provide a foundation of support for those at battle with depression, self-injury, thoughts of suicide and beyond as a result of bullying. We are here to restore those seeking self-worth through the pain of our beautifully broken world. ​We're in this together. There's no changing that. 

Bullying can destroy who we are. It causes us to be distracted from who we are intended to be. As we revolutionize the understanding of bullying in our culture, we begin to see that bullying is far more than what we have been led to believe. We are intentionally and un-intentionally harassed and tormented by our peers at school, family members under the same roof, complete strangers who are having a bad day, society's expectations of who we ought to be, all the way to our own head.