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MY NAME IS BARIDZI MOYO. I AM A 24 YEAR OLD FOURTH YEAR STUDENT IN THE HONOURS DEGREE IN POLITICS AND PUBLIC MANAGEMENT WITH MIDLANDS STATE UNIVERSITY IN ZIMBABWE. IN 2014 I COLLABORATED WITH A GROUP OF YOUNG IDEA SHAPERS AND PACE SETTERS TO INITIATE AN ORGANIZATION BY THE NAME OF AFRICAN RENAISSANCE CULTIC WARRIORS SOCIETY TRUST. This organization was established by a group of well organized, committed, pace setters, idea shapers and self-driven youths in November 2014. Being the victims of socioeconomic prevailing circumstances and the participant observers of the social and economic ills affecting the communities, they were self-motivated to join their hands and heads and establish an organization. The Organization is a registered TRUST( DEED NUMBER 696/2015) as a body Corporate with perpetual succession and has can sue and can be sued in its corporate name, the Trust holds property distinct from its members. No members have any rights to the Trust property by the reason of their membership. The organization has devised a social entrepreneurial approach to add value to its programs. the organization covers Matobo District in Zimbabwe where:  The majority of Zimbabweans are living below the poverty datum line. The unemployment rate in Zimbabwe is too high and it is still escalating. There are a vast number of development organizations on the ground, however, little or no progress have been recorded. Various projects had been established for the communities but very few are being maintained. Perennial droughts are the major challenges in the communities. The dependency syndrome has greatly affected the pace of development and has deprived most organizations access to independence. Hand to mouth syndrome has also affected the communities’ livelihoods. There is lack or very few self-sustaining projects and income generating projects in the community.  Politics have consumed communities to the extent that its evil cannons of suppression and suspicion, hate and hurt have destroyed relations between people hence collaboration to fight problems as one is now a dilemma.  Education continue to lose value on a daily basis as the circumstances have deprived young people an opportunity to exercise their academic muscles in the betterment of their communities  The survivalist environment have forced people to sullied means of raising money hence immorality and corruption is rife.  The industry sector is in a deep crisis hence the country importer of a lot of things from neighboring countries and that has contributed to unemployment  The Agriculture is operational at a small scale hence much remain to be done as means of resuscitating the economy  Resources continue to lie idle due to lack of financial injection  Brain drain syndrome is rife as the country to lose a lot of human assets to neighboring countries  Young people remain trapped in poverty  Deforestation is rife in rural areas  Poverty continues to play a leading role in the cause of incurable SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DISEASES.  The rate of prostitution and petty crimes is shockingly growing on a daily basis. There is a danger that such acts might end up inspiring a lot of young people not to be afraid to do so. For instance ARCWAS-T once attended a workshop by a certain Institution(name withheld) where prostitutes were being offered skills of preventing spread of STIs, to our shock in a survey the organization conducted after the data we got was that 75% of women involved in prostitution had left their children at home and it was the only way they could raise money to buy food for their children, 56% are staying with boyfriends, with boyfriends aware that they are indulging in prostitution and would come back home after having made an income and do their house chores and 100% of the prostitutes don’t like what they are doing and having anticipations of any chance presented they would be happy to grab it with their both hands as what they have indulged in have a bearing in the future of their children, deprived them their dignity as human beings, taken away their right to choose and have happiness and caused no unrest physical and psychological. Therefore we looked it as an organization to initiate programs where we would keep those women out of being sexual exploited and give them a descent means of sustaining their lives and of their families We have devised a social entrepreneurial approach where we initiate programs for financial suastaining our projects. currently we have two of such projects though running at a small scale with a financial disbursement breakdown as follows: PROJECT DISBURSEMENT BREAKDOWN GENERATED CAPITAL DISBURSEMENT BREAKDOWN The financial outcomes of the project will be monthly disbursed in a percentage format. This will be in a ratio of 40: 40: 20 which will be MAINTENANCE PERCENTAGE: ARCWAS PROGRAM PERCENTAGE: ARCWAS ADMINSTRATIVE PERCENTAGE. The disbursement breakdown shall be reviewed in six months time. The Maintenance package is equal to the community development package in the first few months because the program will be on the establishment phase hence a dire need to boost the program for its future sustainability. Maintenance Percentage This will be a percentage meant for keeping the initiative functional at the same time expanding. The rentals and program staff salaries shall come from there. ARCWAS-T COMMUNITY PROGRAMS DEVELOPMENT PERCENTAGE This will be a percentage put in the organization’s coffers meant to facilitate, the STRATERGY-ARCWAS-T SOCIO-ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, UBUNTU RENAISSANCE AND YOUTH EMPOWERMENT MISSION 2015-2018(STRATERGY-ASEDURAYEM 2015-2018). This income will add value to the programs and the Management Board in Liaison with the Board of trustees will determine on which programs are of much urgency in communities. ARCWAS-T AD MINISTRATIVE PERCENTAGE This percentage will be meant for the day to day administration of the organization. This will cater for administrative costs like rentals, food, transport and officers allowances which is diagrammatical represented above. for the past year we have been relying solely on subscriptions and we apeal for your kind hand



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