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Souraya Christine's Fundraiser:

Forgiveness...A Life or Death Decision, The Documentary

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December 13, 2012

Pls help support the movement! Donate today for the film, Forgiveness...A Life or Death Decision. The link:  See more


Souraya Christine



This documentary film is designed to forge healing and growth in the participants as well as the audiences who will have the privilege of viewing it.

Synopsis – “A diverse group of eight participants have agreed to openly face their past hurts and challenge themselves to revisit the details that led them to harbor bitterness and anger”. This focus group will be subjected to the uncovering of dark details and traumatic events that they have previously been unwilling and/or unable to face. They will answer strategic questions, complete structured exercises, and participate in therapy sessions, all in an effort to promote healing and forgiveness so that they may uncover and begin to live their best lives yet! In some instances, the opposing party may be present during some if the processes such as therapy sessions and public apologies. It is our goal to forge a healthier, happier emotional state in everyone who participates in this film, as well as everyone who watches the transformations of the participants.

It is imperative that I note that some scenes may become very dramatic, especially in instances where conflicting parties must face each other.

Main Characters – The “characters” in this film are real life individuals who responded to an open casting call that targeted people who continue to battle with letting go of past hurts. The participant cast includes published authors, children of celebrities, and everyday individuals of all walks of life.

Story Structure – Their stories are sensational and are meant to illicit a healing transformation in every person who comes into contact with the project. The participants will experience wide ranges of emotions including happiness, pain, and anger. Their senses and emotions will be pushed outside of their comfort zones so that they can experience the true meaning of change. Some of them may not be ready for what’s in store! We are going to learn exactly what it means to be moved by some force greater than ourselves, and what the true meaning of personal growth is, without all of the fluff stuff. These people will dig deeply into themselves, some easier than others, to find the real them…the joyous soul that has been hiding inside.

The group will participate in personal interviews, group sessions, exercises, and private and group therapy sessions. Each participant will utilize the personal interviews and exercises brought forth by Souraya Christine, the film’s creator and host, the professional assistance of Las Vegas based H.O.P.E Counseling Services, as well as each other’s strengths and weaknesses to realign their own emotional state.

Style – Most of the film will be recorded in private settings so that each person will feel comfortable opening up to the host. Individual and group therapy sessions will be filmed within the H.O.P.E Counseling facility. Participants may also be able to utilize natural elements and surroundings to express their thoughts. All confrontations will be held by the host, in controlled environments utilizing a round-table setting with security and mediation present.

Format and other production information - All video will be shot using high quality, professional HD equipment. Certain scenes will be set to music, and other scenes may need to be censored due to language (specifically during confrontation scenes).

The plan is to create four, thirty minute (minus advertising time) segments, highlighting two participants in each segment. The producers will pick two drastically different story lines for each segment, while showing footage of individual and group sessions and round-table confrontations throughout the length of each broadcast.

Production Schedule and Timeline – Once funds are secured, production will begin right away. The entire project should take no more than three months to complete. Some of the participants will need to be flown to Las Vegas for the taping of their segments, but this is the greatest obstacle facing this project.



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