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Supporting America's deployed service members to ensure they are not forgotten. Tax ID 51-0493205


This outreach is committed to the American servicemen and women for as long as they are deployed. Your support directly impacts those who receive little or no support from home and will help ease the pain of separation of our service members from their loved ones, to help those families that cannot afford to ship their own packages, and to ensure that each recipient has a connection back home. Our recipients have described that knowing they are receiving a monthly package throughout their tour helps ease the loneliness that is commonly felt. Some recipients have no family and it means the world to them to have encouragement, support, and human connection.  

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is the venue that provides the opportunity for those individuals with that essential connection. Over the past 14 years, we now know that the emotional support is the most beneficial element of the program, and we are happy to report that over 400,000 of our service members have benefited from receiving monthly "We Care" packages.  

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach is committed to our U.S. servicemen and women in all world theaters, for as long as they are deployed.  As a non-profit organization, we requires donations, care package items and letters of encouragement in order to provide support to our deployed service members and their families serving in the United States Military. Our main focus is to reach those with our monthly  “We Care” packages.