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August 23, 2011

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Providing all individuals of the human race the means to meet their needs, their well-being, to know and exercise their rights to hear and fulfill their duties, ensuring that each facility to develop its industry, to make it capable of functions that it has the right to be called, to develop the full range of talents he has received from nature and, therefore, made between citizens equality in fact and make real political equality recognized by law. This must be the first goal of a national education and in this respect, it is powerful for the public a duty of justice "(Condorcet, 1792)

The importance of education in any society is to be demonstrated beyond any doubt. Any company wanting to engage in the process of integral development must focus first and foremost on education, seen by John Dewey as "the fundamental method of progress ..." 1

At this crucial juncture in our history, is it not imperative for the Haitian State to take charge of education and ensure that it is actually "setting" use of means to ensure training and development of individuals "2? Provide training and development of all members of Haitian society and not a small group, this is an important task to which the democratic state under construction can not escape.

Moreover, there has been no question for the state in the map of Paris, to withdraw from certain sectors to engage in substantive areas of Health, Justice and Education?

Education, gateway to the progress, has never been a priority for the Haitian leaders is the reason why the state's investments in education were so weak, forgetful of except that: invest in education is investing in the man considered because, as the first wealth of a country and also that "the peoples of the best equipped educational potential are those whose progress will be most fast "3

The state still has resigned in the field of education has therefore been able to establish any real mechanism of control. The quality of education provided in schools, quality teachers, physical working conditions and way of fonctinnement schools, all this seems not interested leaders.

It is this lack of control that led to the "borlétisation" 4 Haitian school become, for some time, one of the most profitable companies. The majority of those who engage in this activity have only one goal: making money. To achieve this goal, do not hesitate to hire him as a "teacher" people with no qualification, very undemanding, willing to work in any condition.

Therefore, managers of private schools have no incentive to employ qualified and competent if they are not forced to do so.

They are few school principals with the genuine concern of the training of students and develop professional teachers. Should be today in Haiti, as the philosopher in ancient Dirogène, walking through the streets in broad daylight, with not, in hand, a lit candle but powerful spotlights in search of directors private schools with the desire to prioritize the interests of education.

We understand that it is legitimate for them to try to make a profit, but only worry about the profit to be drawn in terms of money and for that employ people without qualifications or skills which, instead of training, merely distorted, is, in our opinion, absurd and obscene and it is also a crime against the nation.

Yesterday and today the resignation of the state in terms of education, pollution of the universe by the school mercantile spirit, that's basically what explains the deplorable state of our education system, this so great lower level of education and production of both Haitian school of "intellectually disabled" unable to think, think.

So you may wonder if the leaders in the democratic state under construction or education, as envisaged in the plan of Paris, is one of the priority sectors, can condone this state of things and leave school tumbling at this rate?

Do not they say often: "As long as the school is worth the nation"?

Now that school is worth the Haitian and Haitian Nation?

Tomorrow will be worth the school and the Haitian nation, if nothing is done?

Is not it the duty of direct current to take without delay the necessary action to remedy this situation which has lasted too long and whose victims are primarily Principles students, teachers, parents and then the nation?

Always very critical, the situation of teachers in economic and financial steadily with rising prices, deteriorating. The increase of 300% of the inflation rate has considerably reduced the already low purchasing power of teachers.

Teachers live financially especially a tragedy difficult to manage. On the one hand, their salary remains fixed while the other, their expenses have at least tripled. Where an imbalance between revenues and expenditures. Professor sinking every day into the abyss of horrible dissaving and saw a situation of chronic indebtedness. He has no social security, that is to say, no medical insurance, the credit system.

The lack of a credit system up almost all the teachers to thank you for ususiers (ponyadè) holding at will, without any control, the interest rate.

The economic and financial situation of teachers is generally very fragile. This weakness is accentuated further with the inflation recorded in Haiti in recent years.

Teachers are now unable to meet even their basic needs basic food, shelter, health care, schooling of children, purchase of materials for the preparation courses etc. ... And what is worse, the company is placed in a situation requiring him to this reality camouffler lamentable and disgusting.

In an attempt to make ends meet, many teachers of preschool and elementary schools working in two others at the secondary level, are forced to work until 7:00 AM 9:00 PM with an average of fourteen hours of intervention a day in class and seventy hours a week, from Monday to Friday.

Some even work for the weekend and almost at the same pace.

Under such conditions, it is virtually impossible for teachers to prepare courses, plan assignments, correct copies, read, gather information, spend time with his family, ... etc..

So the big question: Is it possible to teach effectively?

We dare not even talk about entertainment that would allow it, at least, to renew its workforce, as the basic needs can be met. We can say unequivocally that the teacher remains an eternal frustration.

To make matters worse, the professor who works in difficult conditions (no teaching materials in schools without any, even a toilet block, etc ....) Must manage to never get sick because the situation would be fatal for him and his family. Fatal because it runs the risk:

To be sinking with his dependents, in abject poverty, since it will be deprived of his salary after the first month or immediately succeeding his illness.
To die because he did not have medical insurance that could enable it to cover the costs of treatment are, nowadays, very high.
NB - In the public sector as in the private sector, it does not need the teacher when it is healthy when it can use its labor force. So it can be easily reduced to unemployment and without any consideration on the part of both sectors. In short, it was not even allowed to be sick or be sick.

The teacher seems to be condemned to begging, even after long years of work. After having "wasted" his youth, his whole life to train cadres for the country, the officer of the state to the lowest (the President of the Republic through the ministers, to the small staff) this is the fate reserved for him.

The case of former teachers, now old and stricken with infirmity, beggars, are numerous. They rubs every day in the corridors of the Ministry of Education or elsewhere in the process of begging.

To avoid such misfortunes, many teachers leave teaching or to abroad (huge loss for the country) or to another area offering more security, which represents a loss of frameworks for the education sector which already in a very few.

As our arable land, every rain rush to the sea, causing environmental problems of all kinds, the flow of qualified and competent teachers leave teaching each year or in the process of abandoning it, expecting that the time favorable, leads to degradation of the level of education already precarious. This also creates problems of all kinds.

The material and psychological conditions are not satisfied, it can be established between the teacher and the student even if a correlation Pedagogy in an educational relationship defined in Marcele Postic5.

The valuation of the teaching profession, for us to UNNOH, passes necessarily by:

Regularize the situation of disorder (everyone is a teacher, trained or not).
The development of effective programs for teacher training.
The award teachers a decent wage.
The adoption by the state policy is social security.
Then, to enhance the teaching profession and provide education to effectively play its role in the comprehensive development of man and the country of Haiti, the UNNOH formula to the attention of constitutional government and the Ministry of Education In particular the following recommendations:

Give all teachers alike, in the best of times, a salary adjustment of 300% (three hundred percent), depending on the cost of living has far exceeded this threshold. This adjustment must be followed by an increase in the percentage of which will be determined based on their qualification, the number of years of experience.
Adjust annually the salaries of all teachers based on cost of living.
NB - The salary adjustment referred to in point should not be conditioned by the impact it would have on the profitability of private schools but rather should be seen as an opportunity for owners of private schools to reconsider their pay policy towards teachers.
Grant to Professor insurance can cover its needs and those of his family in health care, and benefits such as: construction of village credit system ... etc..
Paying teachers on or before 25th of every month. And consider removal of the premiums for all teachers working in remote areas, lack of infrastructure (housing, roads, water, Eletricity, etc ...)
Private schools require the payment of three months of vacation and additional bonus in December
Real control the delivery method permits operation of private schools and accounting.
Name the normal school graduates immediately after their course of study and integrate it into the public education normaliens not yet appointed.
Require the signature of a collective agreement between the owners of schools and teachers for the guarantee of employment.
Establish an effective training program that takes into account the different categories of teachers.
Regulate the teaching profession by requiring of it a teaching permit issued by the State through the Ministry of Education.
Encourage, as part of the decentralization policy the formation of cooperatives of teachers who have a goal (with the help of the state), the establishment of schools, libraries, printing or other activities related to education.
Rethink how to manage public schools, elected for that purpose a form of management board qualified people recruited on the basis of their qualifications and competence.
Monitor that school fees paid by students are actually used for the purchase of furniture and teaching materials.
Require that the premises housing the schools are provided with a minimum of equipment.
Reintegrate in their duties all the teachers and other education workers forced to leave their posts during the de facto regimes.
NB - Today, the school to save Haitian endangered, it is very urgent to enhance the teaching profession.
And finally, the National Union of Normaliens of Haiti (UNNOH) renews its commitment to fight for:

Education that is able to elevate man to the Haitian dignity of his being.
A Department of Education that is truly serving the people of Haiti.
The regulation and enhancement of the teaching profession.
The development of a new education system well organized, able to develop "the social sense," social progress, "the economic wealth and well-being that are, according to J. Capelle, the reward of a carefully organized school system. "



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