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What you give beloys to you

Shortly about us

-We are a group of teenagers from Sweden which has started a campaign to help children in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our goal is to collect money and school supplies and bring back smiles on the children’s faces.

Who exactly is it about

-With this campaign, we want to help children with no parents and orphans, we want to help children who’s parents can’t afford to give them roof over their heads. Unfortunately, after the war, the number of such children’s are far to big!

What have we done in Sweden so far ?

-We have started to collect used clothes to give it to the children, we also collect everything that’s needed for school because of the hard economy the children can't buy school supplies and they have to quit school. That’s something we want and have to change!
We have also started to collect money for the children some. Some of them can’t even buy bread. Although they are hungry, they are doing well in school, of course those who can afford who school. We want to show the society that we can. We want to motivate others to help and to make them feel joy and happiness through helping others. We think we are on a good way to change somebody’s life.

Our goal?

-We want to collect as much as we can and go to Bosnia (personally) to give those children what they need to survive. We are collect items and money to the 15th august, 'cause the school starts in September in Bosnia. Those children must have everything what’s needed or they can't go to school.

With who do we work?

-We cooperate with the TV station “hayat” in Bosnia.
They have a show called “ispuni mi zelju” and they are also collecting joey and supplies for people on need. The system is based on other peoples wishes. If you wish that the emission help a person in need, you send them a letter and describe the situation of the person or family. They go and suprise the family with the letter and some gifts, usually money. Those people who they help are really in need and they can’t make the ends meet. They record every visit and you can see their program on YouTube (just write “ispuni mi zelju” ) By cooperating with them we are 100% sure that the money and other things goes to people who really need them !

How did we came up with this idea?

-After many years we travelled to Bosnia and the sight was not nice when we arrived. Some children was out on the streets and begged for money. Some children go to other cities to beg because they can’t stand out with the humiliation in their own cities among their people. They are ashamed of what they do for their schoolmates. They are ashamed and they don’t want their parents to find out what they are doing but they have to afford school supplies in one or another way.
That’s wrong and it shall not be like that! That was our motivation and that’s how we came up with the idea.

How we came up with the idea for the Internet?

-We organized a meeting with local politicians and other people who where interested to help. During the meeting we presented our goals and our plan but we also received good ideas from other people who knew more. The combination between older people with more experience and our youthfulness is what we need to succeed with this campaign. Unfortunately, people often speak how they want to help but when it’s time to act- they are quiet
Every day we reach new people that want to help, and helps, us and we found this website. We think that we can success with help from good people.
We referee again to YouTube and "TV Hayat". There you can see cases and see who we cooperate with (TV hayat and ispuni mi zelju).
Beforhand we thank all people that fell humanity and for every support you give for our campaign. Please share this with you friends and be a part of this campaign!
Remember - What you give - belongs to you!



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