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Hi, my name is Bill McCormies, I am a disabled widowed man and I currently have been to Doctors for the past six years. The most recent one was a reconstructive right knee replacement. Here is my story: In November of 2010, I had a total knee replacement done on my right knee by a doctor in Washington. After rehab, I was complaining of pain and mobility issues to the doctor and he told me to give it time to heal. I did that and after complaining more and more, The Doctor told me my right knee was now compensating for my left knee. I went over nine months with this pain. I was not able to do anything during this time because I was afraid that something else would aggravate it more. In August of 2011, I had another Total Knee replacement done on my left knee. After the surgery, I was able to walk better the second time around, but I could still feel the pain in my right knee. I was told yet again to let my left knee heal. I went through rehab for 3 months and my left knee was doing great, but my right knee was still hurting. I again made an appointment with the doctor in October of 2011. When I went to my appointment, I was informed that the doctor was no longer with the hospital and that I would see another doctor and later I found out that he was not a doctor, but a PA-C. After x-rays, the PA-C said he saw a crack in the cement and that he was concerned. He had me see another doctor there and I found out that he was a back surgeon and he told me he could fix my knee problem. I told him no at this point. In December of 2011, they referred me out to a doctor in another city. In April of 2012, The Dr did the reconstructive surgery on my right knee. I was in the hospital for three days. After the surgery, he told me that I would have some nerve and muscle damage. After getting out of the hospital, I went right into rehab and was there for three more months. During this time, I had gone back to see the Dr. for my follow up appointments. He explained to me that when he went in, the top part of my first knee replacement fell out and he tapped on the bottom part with a mallet and it fell out. He said that he could not believe that the same doctor that did my left knee did my right one. My right knee is doing better, but the damage is done. I still worry about my limits of what I can and can’t do. My foot tingles and goes numb when I sit for a long time, my leg cramps so bad it brings me to tears. I have a bulge on the outside of my knee and a bump on the inside. The Dr. said this is caused from the strain and the stress and the misalignment of the first knee surgery. I am still very depressed and I am always worrying that any small thing i do will aggravate it. I am so tired of all this pain. Nothing seems to help with it anymore. If it wasn’t for my daughter, I don’t know what I would have done. I kept thinking to myself “Did I do the right thing by having this knee surgery”. I am so depressed and worn out mentally that I don’t have the energy to do anything anymore. I no longer have a life, I merely exist. I am always concerned now that if I do anything, will it aggravate my knee more? I now have to limit myself on the things I do. I have to be careful of where I walk, sit and how long I can drive without my knee hurting. The things that I like to do, I don't do because I worry that I will hurt my knee even more. I like to hike, go on short trips, swim and water ski and work on my car and truck. I don’t do any of these things any more. I was told that I should take this situation to court. I hired an attorney and after three years, I have exhausted all my finances and had to sell most of my assets to get more money. I am afraid that I will not be able to continue this fight because of lack of funds. The money I did spend so far was for a medical expert, a report from the doctor that did the second surgery, process servers, court costs. My attorney is paid on contingency so he will be paid if/when the case is settled. So far everything is looking favorable. I recently found out that doctor who performed the surgery in question filed bankruptcy shortly after he was served papers so now my attorney is going after the hospital and its corporation that owns the hospital. So, the reason I'm reaching out is because if I don't raise more money, I will be forced to drop this lawsuit. It is so close now, I'd hate to give up on it. I have spoken to several nonprofit legal services in my state but can't find one that will help in malpractice lawsuits.


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Bill McCormies

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