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Growing up, I had both parents, an older sister and my grandmother, who might as well have been my second mother. When I came home from school Grandma would be at the stove cooking whether it was wholesome Italian food or French fries. She always wore her hair pinned up with bobby pins and she never left the house without lipstick and rouge. She played cards with me and told me the longest stories about “the olden days.” She’d gossip with my mom, especially during long car rides. I’d sing for her. If it was a song that she knew, like “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” she’d sing along.
I remember the first time I noticed she was acting strange. I came home from school one day and noticed that there was a charred square shape on the electric stove burner. I was told that she tried to toast bread.
As the years went by, her personality slowly faded. She didn’t cook anymore. She stopped setting her hair and putting on make-up. She didn’t have stories to tell me anymore and car rides with my mom were suddenly silent. When I sang “Somewhere over the Rainbow,” she’d just sit there and listen quietly, like she didn’t know the words.
She gradually needed more and more help to eat, walk and go to the bathroom. Some days she wouldn’t talk, other days she would speak gibberish.
Some nights she doesn’t sleep and tries to get out of bed and leave the house.
Sometimes she forgets who my mom and I are.
It broke our hearts to see the person we love leave us mentally. Every day I wish that I could go back to the days when she acted like herself.
This is what Alzheimer’s is. It’s far more than forgetting memories. With Alzheimer’s, you lose sight of who you are.
That is why I feel so passionate about this disease. Please join me in raising awareness to end this disease for good.



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