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EVENT DATE: Jul 12, 2014


We cry, no more like ball and fall to our knees, everytime we see an ASPCA commercial. We are head over heals for all dogs and cats, especailly cats and their cat naps and fun to rub tummies. We know a lot of our family members would agree, that the world is more toleretable and worth living, because of these wonderful, furry and smiley creatures. Both dogs and cats light up our worlds and I think its time we light up theirs. That's why Tyler & I are requesting every pet lover and/or owner to donate to the ASPCA. Tho we could use many household goodies for our gifts, we both agree that homeless and abused house pets, need help more. Lets come together and make sure, that every dog and cat, Snoopy and Garfeild, get a warm home and warm hugs that come with it. Thanks to everyone who pitches in.

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