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Forum Theatre

Forum Theatre
CROWDRISE : Nov 14, 2017
Tax ID: 37-1786041
BASED: Silver Spring, MD, United States


Spark discussion

Forum Theatre produces adventurous, relevant, and challenging plays from a diversity of voices that inspire discussion and build community -- and that are accessible, affordable, and entertaining.

We believe that theatre is about big ideas and big questions.

Since Forum Theatre’s inception, we have aimed to be both the home for stories that provoke discussion and the place to host that discussion. We want our plays to be a conversation with the audience. We tell stories about who we are as a local, national, and global community.

So what is a Forum show? That’s never been the easiest thing to describe, but a few things tend to always be true: A Forum show asks big questions. A Forum show is intricate and challenging, but has a big heart at its center. And a Forum show gives you something to think about and a lot to talk about.

Tax ID: 37-1786041 •


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