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Four years to live

Organized by: Judy Quintero

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I am a mother of three one son and two daughters. My son is a paranoid schizophrenic considered dangerous to himself into society. After five years of taking care of him with little or no help from the family I was having a heart attack on my birthday weekend for two days before I went to the emergency, I knew my chest hurt but it was such a little pain I didn't want to spoil the weekend with my girls. Come Monday morning about 2 o'clock I woke up again with the same pain and thought I might as will go, so I drove myself to the hospital they took an EKG and put me in the room, as I walked into the room the nurse said "well look at you like nothing"and I was rather perplexed and what she meant by that, but I got in bed and when the other nurse walked in she said" I have never seen anybody looking so good who's having a heart attack! And I said no shit! I felt fine, but I'm not great but nothing like I thought a heart attacks if you like. The doctor came in and confirmed I was having a heart attack and said they were going to give me an angiogram it would take about an hour, I was out of there in 10 minutes, they couldn't even get the camera to my arteries they were so impacted, I had three of them 90%, 80%, and 70%. They gave me a day to rest and then I went in for open-heart surgery. Very first day in ICU I heard them telling my daughters that I was going to be like a baby and unable to feed myself, And I thought to myself, my children are not going to feed me like I'm a baby.! By the end of the day not only did they take out all 17 machines that were hooked up to me, but I got up got out of the bed and walked down three hallways to my room, once again the nurses stating they had never seen anybody recover so quickly from an open heart surgery. During recovery they would ask me if my chest hurt, but of course I just had a cracked open why wouldn't it but Four month after the open heart surgery I woke up and I knew I was dying,I could feel the energy leaving the top of my head and I couldn't move an inch, I got very determined and angry at myself and said "get back in here! Get it Judy! Get up!!!I just very determined and I was able to move, get up and get myself to the hospital. They gave me a stress test but sent me home before it was done, it was negative but nobody called me to let me know, two months later I woke up again at 2 o'clock in the morning, the witching hour, this time my chest is really hurting and my blood pressure was going crazy, I tried to bring it down but I couldn't so I decided to get to the hospital, that's right I didn't call 911 because I never do, I think I can handle everything. As I was driving there I felt myself wanting to check out but I kept talking to myself saying just one more block Judy just one more block. I made it to the hospital in the admitted me, I was sitting there in the room but nobody was coming in I was yelling for help because I knew I was losing it and there was a guy typing something at the door saying well it's the changing of the nurses right now, and I knew what that meant , it would be a while before they saw me, but I knew I didn't have that time so I kept yelling for help, I was getting hot so I took my shirt off and I threw it and said oh my God! Do I need to feed to get some attention!? Before I knew it it Dr was sitting in front of me I asked her" please can you give me something to bring me down because I'm losing it! She very condescendingly shook your head yes! And I sit there and I thought to myself "Bitch! Don't be condescending to me! Again I begged her to give me something because I was losing control, and once again she said there did not even move and shook her head yes, and then I died......amazing! I get to the emergency doctor is sitting right in front of me and they let me die. But I came back it took me six minutes and I got paddled twice. I only had 20% of my heart working when I came back, they gave me one day to rest and gave me another surgery to put in a fibulator. Which would Zap my heart if I died in call 911.... The doctors didn't know what to do my body is producing stuff to kill me faster than they could heal me, but I had one amazing Doctor Who is determined to find out why this was happening, my stats were perfect They couldn't find a reason why my arteries were plugging up faster than they can clear them out, the open heart surgery failed ones being collapsed when I was working in they put it stence in the other, they gave me three months to rest and went in for an angiogram to see how my heart was doing and one artery that had to stents put in it was plugged up already, Like I said the one doctor was determined to find out why and he gave me the hunters test which consisted of taking 11 vials of blood from me and running every test possible, they found out I had LPA which is very rare in the western part of the world but is very prevalent in the East and I am full blooded Russian. And this is something that is inherited, so now we have the reason but the doctors have very little remedy for it, again I went to an herbalist and started drinking smoothies in the morning which brought down my LPA quite a bit, normal is 30 doctors worry when it's 50 and are hysterical when it's 75, mine was 162, but after drinking the smoothies I came down To my 119 I proceeded to go on to have five angiograms and 6 stents but in my heart. On my last angiogram the kid that was left to close me up pushed so hard on my leg that he damaged my nerves and to this day every step hurts to worry sometimes I want to throw up. my heart came back to 65% and my doctors for elated. I had a rule with them. I would say" just tell me what you want from me, don't tell me any side effects just tell me what you want and I will do it. And I did. My doctor Kim the doctor that took all those tests went holistic with me and found an experimental herb solution that we tried and it brought my LPA all the way down to 10. That was amazing in itself what a miracle. But then they found a tumor in my throat that was 10 cc by 2 cc which is pretty big the doctor didn't realize how big it was until she went in even though I had a full body scan she said that it went all the way down to the tip of my spine, so now I am two months out of that surgery. So basically it's 1 1/2 years all of that happened, and they say there is a five year lifespan for a person who has the tumor that I had, and of course my heart can go up again at any given time. I don't want To live the end of my life sitting in the couch watching TV. I would love to go just travel the states and see the different things, it's very hard because I am still the one taking care of my son, my family sees me As never ending always been able, but I'm not I'm hanging on by thread and the one thing that makes the LPA Grow not what I eat, simply from too much stress, I'm not quite sure how much to ask for but I would truly appreciate anything that anyone could contribute so I could take care of myself while I would travel to see the world or part of the world, that has good food of course, I watch of the food paradise all the time and I would love to go visit each and everyone of them. So I would appreciate any help that could be given What are my heart thank you


Organized by

Judy Quintero

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