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Foxfield F.a.r.m. Corporation

Equine Groundwork Therapy for US Veterans with PTSD and rehabilitation/re-homing of rescued/retired horses. Tax ID 81-2430850


Foxfield F.A.R.M. (For A Recovery Mission) is an Equine Groundwork Therapy program for veterans with PTSD.   Treating the effects of PTSD also assists in the reduction of domestic violence, risk to children and issues associated with opioid overdose.The program also incorporates rehabilitation/re-homing for horses at risk or retired providing a singular synergy in healing between human and animal.

This curriculum will be offered at absolutely no cost to any veteran participating in the program.

Concentration is on the handling, feeding, maintenance and groundwork exercise involved in caring for horses.  Practical work also includes learning to trailer load, body trim, lunge work, stall maintenance, farrier care and the ability to recognize common ailments associated with equine health. 

Success can be measured in small ways. Barry, a US Coast Guard Veteran, has been in our program for 5 weeks and recently told us the he got a job. He told us that the confidence he gained through working with his equine partner helped him to go out and look for work.