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Mission: To financially supplement Framingham High School extra-curricular programs (activities, arts, and athletics) which may otherwise be restricted due to budgetary limitations.


When the Framingham Public Schools were facing substantial financial challenges, a group of Framingham High School parents organized the Framingham High School Foundation (FHSF) to ensure continuation of extracurricular activities, the arts and athletics, regardless of imposed budgetary restrictions.  Since its inception, the FHSF has successfully accomplished this mission through a variety of efforts, including building stronger alliances with the MetroWest community, reaching out to FHS alumni, and applying for grants.  In addition, each year the FHSF organizes the Salute to Framingham dinner, which has become one of the largest annual fund-raisers for Framingham High School.  All proceeds from of this popular event benefit the FHSF which supports extracurricular activities, arts, and athletics at Framingham High School.

For more information about the FHSF you can email: