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Fraxa Research Foundation

FRAXA is a 501c3 nonprofit run by parents. Our mission: to find a cure for Fragile X. FRAXA has funded over $25 million in research. Tax ID 04-3222167


FRAXA's mission is to find a cure for Fragile X.

We directly funding the most promising research.

FRAXA also supports families affected by Fragile X and raises awareness of this important but relatively unknown disease.

FRAXA was founded in 1994 by three parents of children with Fragile X, Katie Clapp, Michael Tranfaglia MD, and Kathy May, to accelerate scientific research aimed at finding a treatment and a cure for Fragile X. Fragile X research is drastically underfunded, considering its high prevalence, prospects for a cure, and the promise that this research holds for advancing understanding of other disorders like autism and Alzheimer's disease.

FRAXA funds teams at universities all over the world. We have funded more than $25 million dollars in top-notch science. FRAXA's management expenses have always been less than 4% of income, as we have just one full-time staff, three part time staff, and hundreds of volunteer parents. Since FRAXA was founded, the Fragile X field has grown tremendously, due in large part to our grass-roots efforts. You can help us accomplish much more!