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Scotti Campana's Fundraiser:

Freddy's Boxing-a program that we have sustained since 1996 for young men to get off the streets

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Dream Mission:
The Dream Mission is a Organization & Foundation that represents a collaborative effort between many Faith based, Civic, Business and Community Leadership Organizations. Founded January 3, 2010. The Organization & Foundation seeks with its mission and vision to empower residents in Lorain, Ohio and provide Hope, Direction, Services, Tools and Programs that will include both short-term and long-term programs to assist All People in Need!!!

Dream Mission and foundation of Lorain, Ohio is working hard to help people of need in our community!

We would like to get Freddy's Boxing it's own location so we can call a place home for the 67 kids that we mentor!

My wife and I have sustained it since 1996 by ourselves!!! We need your HELP!!!

Mentoring Young Men

“Freddy’s Boxing”
Freddy’s Boxing is a FREE Service offered to Young Men to introduce them the sport of Boxing and to provide a mechanism for young men stay busy and off the streets. Freddy Barreiro is a resident of Lorain, Ohio since 1955 and a Boxing Trainer for more than 50 years. Freddy’s Boxing provides a safe environment and a man (Freddy) who is passionately interested in the children of Lorain, Ohio
He teaches them Respect, Honor, Competitiveness, Perseverance, Hope & Love!!!
These Services provide wonderful Mentoring components that will help our youth develop into productive, dynamic and successful young Men & Women

Freddy’s Boxing” Program is an inner city boxing program that is FREE to all youth in Lorain, Ohio. Founded by Freddy Barriero, Scotti & Krissi Campana in 1996 to take children off the streets and provide them direction, stability, tools for life and a safe environment.

➢ History
Freddy’s Boxing was developed by Freddy Barreiro 40 years ago in South Lorain. In 1993 six months before his death, Patsie C. Campana (P. C.) asked Scotti C. Campana to meet him at Campana’s Café to discuss some very important issues. He gave Scotti 7 things to do if something was ever to happen to him. The sixth task was to find Freddy Barreiro and build him a Boxing Gym. Six months later P. C. passed away and Scotti went out to fulfill his fathers wishes and found Freddy. His Boxing Gym at the time was the old Harrison School on 19th St., in the basement. He was using garden hoses as ropes and didn’t even have a ring. His equipment was in bad shape and he only had one speed bag and three heavy bags. Ironically enough 19th Street is the place that cultivated the Campana Family and made them what they are today. My father learned basically everything in result of that neighborhood and that environment. To add to the story he flunked out of the 1st grade at Harrison school 68 years earlier because he couldn’t catch on to the English language. It was a divine appointment for sure!!!
He was a special person with loving and giving qualities. He was always sensitive to everyone around him. He was always eager to reach or sometimes stretch to help another person.
He always had a strong faith in GOD!!! Our Relationship with GOD “Jesus” is Vertical and our relationship with Man is parallel, GOD is sensitive to our needs based on how sensitive we are to our fellow man.
Scotti & Krissi Campana set a meeting up at their home with Freddy and History was made. We had several Fun-Raisers from Boxing matches to Steak Fry’s and we raised enough money to establish and sustain Freddy’s Boxing since 1996.

Thank you to the Campana Family, Mr. & Mrs. Patsie and Jenee Campna, David, Patty, Larry, Pat jr., Robert. Thanks to employees at P. C. Campana, Inc, for their talents and their time building the equipment needed to establish a Awesome Boxing gym. A special thanks to the Jon Veard Family for allowing us to utilize their building for the first 5 years.



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Scotti is working on selecting a charity so you can support Freddy's Boxing-a program that we have sustained since 1996 for young men to get off the streets.