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Inspired by a visit to Walter Reed Hospital, Freedom Care Warrior Project is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization that delivers direct support to physically and psychologically injured combat veterans through innovative, outdoor-based therapies and pioneering research.

We're not like traditional veterans support organizations. We provide veterans with a temporary sanctuary, free of stresses and uncertainties, allowing them to demonstrate abilities and build skills while reinforcing their self-confidence and resolve.

At the Warrior Ranch, located in beautiful north Texas, veterans and their families are welcomed. During their stay, veterans can hunt, fish, shoot skeet, play golf and enjoy the outdoors.

This relaxed environment also encourages veterans also talk. To share their difficulties, victories and accomplishments, while surrounded by other individuals who have faced similar experiences and challenges. Veterans helping veterans.

Our commitment to disabled veterans, veterans, and amputees compels us to continually improve our program and ensure that it is available to every service member that can benefit from it. That is why we have set a fundraising goal of $5000, which will be used to help pay off the Warrior Ranch, and provide trips for veterans for years to come.  

If you have questions, please ask. We want donors to be involved and understand what they are contributing to.

For more information, please visit: