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Free Eye Exams for the Less Fortunate

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Vision is one of our most important senses - I bet you can't imagine living without it. Many indiviuals or families can't afford eye care and so go without it for years or decades. These people often can't see clearly or have medical issues that need treatment, but can't access care (especially since insurances frequently don't cover eye care).

I am a health care provider who sees the need for this program every day. I recommend exams when I see something that should have treatment and patients say they can't afford it or just say "I'll think about it" and never follow through. We are working with local eye care practitioners to provide care to these people, but there are costs involved. Just to have the patient in the chair for 20 minutes for an exam costs the practice or facility an average of $34. Also, legally, doctors cannot provide vision care for free because it is seen by insurance companies as fraud (since insurance are being billed for vision care when it is being provided free other times).

This money will be used to get free eye exams for the less fortunate, including homeless, struggling families, handicapped, and others in financial hardship.

Please donate to help those in need. Preserving vision is important as we use our eyes for every task in our daily lives. Helping others is one of the most rewarding things we can do as humans, and you have the opportunity to help other humans to see clearly or keep vision throughout their lives. Please donate any amount you can. Thank you, sincerely.



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J is working on selecting a charity so you can support Free Eye Exams for the Less Fortunate.