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Free for Life began our work in 2005 to meet the needs of trafficking survivors here and around the world.Today, we are more passionately determined than ever to make a difference in the lives of victims of sexual slavery.

Young women and children who are sold into slavery are forced to endure the unthinkable. The feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness that traffickers breed into the hearts and minds of their victims truly kill their spirit. Free for Life exists to make sure that hope comes alive again in the hearts of those who’ve been rescued.  

We at “Free for Life” are on the front lines, combating the vast epidemic of modern day slavery. Our partnerships provide a sanctuary where self-respect, self-confidence and life skills are nurtured and grow in survivors.  Their rescue is just the beginning of their struggle.  They cannot do this alone.  That’s why it’s imperative to keep shelters open and thriving.  Since Free for Life International began, we have done exactly that… one child, one woman, one shelter, one day and one dollar at a time.  The success of the shelters we work with is remarkable.  The many testimonies of lives restored over the years have taught us the power of love in overcoming the devastation that occurs as a result of a person being sold into slavery.  The ability to partner with people like you has enabled us to go from working with that one shelter in 2005 to working with shelters and individuals in five countries.

Our programs

Border Monitoring

Why it is Needed
It is estimated that 12,000 girls are trafficked from Nepal into India’s thriving sex trade each year.  That means approximately 1,000 girls are taken across borders each month.

The largest number of those trafficked in Nepal are transported across the border into India.  Free for Life is excited to announce another 3 year commitment to continue this border monitoring station This border station program focuses on individuals crossing back and forth across the Nepal/India border.  Monitoring pedestrians and specifically looking for activity that may seem suspicious, and then interviewing those involved to make sure a girl is not in danger.

This border station is set up at one of the most heavily traveled crossings into India.  Thousands travel this route each week.  The border staff will interview approximately 2000 individuals crossing each month.  Out of those 5% to 10% will be found to be trafficking victims.  Free for Life International has made a financial commitment to maintain this station for the next 3 years.   This station is an opportunity to help change that number.  We cannot do any of this without your help.  Through your donations you will ensure that this station can remain open and operating.  Please be a part of this innovative first line of defense against trafficking in Nepal.

Why it is Effective
The border between Nepal and India might as well be non-existent.  Thousands of people cross back and forth between the two countries every day as casually as you walk from store to store in a mall.  The informality of crossing the border from Nepal into India is an opportunity not lost on traffickers.  They count on the sheer number of people crossing to cloak their true intentions of selling the girls that they have kidnapped, bought or lured with the promise of a job.

Krishnanagar Nepal/India Border