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Free second opinions for cancer patients

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The mission of thesecondopinion is to provide free multldisciplinary second opinions to California adults diagnosed with cancer. Whether newly diagnosed or having recurring cancer, the lives of cancer patients are saved or improved with a better understanding of their disease and their options.

A Very High Return on Investment

Maybe a second opinion can be obtained through an insurance provider; however, there will be only one physician involved and the patient will not usually get to meet the second opinion doctor or even choose the physician or the discipline. The cost of a second opinion when not covered by insurance can range from about $1,000 to $5,000 for one physician. We provide 4 to 7 physicians from different disciplines, as well as creating a format so patients and families meet the doctors, all at no charge.

The True Value of thesecondopinion

Our forty year history has provided us with the experience and capacity to create a sophisticated service that cannot be duplicated any place else in the United States. We are truly unique because:

We utilize the services of volunteer physicians to provide experienced professional opinions
       Patients and family appear in person before the Review Panel so they are able to ask questions and express concerns directly to specialists

      Instead of medical information being reviewed by one physician, our format offers 4 to 7 physicians, each from different disciplines,

      Panel session are digitally recorded and the patient keeps the CD

     100% of our funding comes from private support; we do not receive government assistance nor do we bill insurance companies

     We do not charge for services; we even provide Interpreters if needed




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