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Fresh Start For Permanently Disabled Single Parent

Organized by: Jay Fernandez

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Hi I'm Jay... I have lived in Las Vegas for over 26 yrs. About 4 yrs ago my child's father put me in jail for domestic violence. .. I fought the case and it was dismissed 6 mths later. But before that time, I was held unjustly, for 3 days on the last day I was escorted to court after pleaing.. I was injured in a elevator that was transporting me. I was not properly taking care of and was released late that night. I was x-rayed and never told me what was my diagnosis or prognosis. After I was released. .. I went to my best friend to find my one yr old lil girl. She was with her father but where was the only concern. I had never been separated from her other than that time. Once I located her and her father I immediately went to the hospital.  My friend seen I wasnt ok. And i was denying my pain until i knew where my kid was.  I was by that time it had been 8 plus hrs after my accident in custody and I had been out of custody for about a lil over a hr. I arrived a Sunrise hospital around 11 that night. Immediately my blood pressure was 200/100something.. Thats not normally my pressure... I was pretty healthy and in shape so it was urgent... I was going into shock... I was being told by the nurse I need a medicine to slow my heart rate down... So after that all i remember was laying down and falling asleep which i was then poke with a needle that checks blood sugar... I was not even aware I was there ....looking around I got frantic what happened. .... The nurse reminded me that my what I told her and I started crying. I was now understanding what happened was so real it almost killed me.  Well as you can imagine ...I lost my job, was injured on my right side, car, place, and the ability to support my little girl and myself. By the grace of God I was able to find an attorney... It took 2 weeks.. *******Burris Esq.  Took my case 8 days later.. I then started treatment to repair my body..Well by Dec of that yr. The neurological doctor conducted a very intensive nerve test. I was 27 yrs old, being told that I'm not going to be the same .. I'm permanently disabled....At this time, I was living in a shelter for about 4 mths... I was devestated, I was working to support my little girl and myself, now that was over. Also by the grace of God, I met the woman who has kept me together. She met me at a convention for low income people. I wasn't intending on going but I did. By the beginning of the next yr. I was out of the shelter and back to being stable with the baby.  Now fast forward 4 yrs later, after this accident, I find out my attorney mishandled my case. Both lawsuits were dismissed with prejudice as if I was lying. I was intimidated, harrassed, suffered severe rights violation,emotional and mental distress and duress, illegally detained and charged(thank God I fought the case I was arrested on) by my attorney and the defense attorney. The case was so sabotaged.. That no one in my county or the state would touch it. The last piece of the case was dismissed last week Monday. There was video evidence that was purposely destoyed or I should say not preserved. No experts or proper reports or deposition testimony of the accident. I gave my case to another attorney after my first attorney withdrew. But the new guys held the case for 90 days, the day I was served with a summary judgement, they withdrew after telling me they would take the case. Lol, its not funny but I had to laugh at my pain. So basically my judge bullied me and demanded that I disclose the last attorney I found to review the summary judgement [the work orders submitted by the defense was altered] I informed the judge. She didn't care gave me a week to get a attorney on file and reply to the judgement. After the hearing, I contacted the attorney who I had disclosed. The defense had already tainted his review. By the next day his assistant called me and said he left a note with my file. It was very unusual because I didn't want his representation I wanted his review(professional opinion). The letter explained his view of my case and since I wasn't paying him, hes unable to help me. I was very hurt, upset, disappointed in myself,. Also my daughters father sister, pretented to be a expert witness and slandered me, lied on me, and retaliated on me because I left her brother and (to her eyes insulted her and their mom). My attorney was aware from me, that she wasn't a expert, I had just spent 2 mths in the town they live in. I was intimidated and extremely harassed by him and his family all the way up to 2 weeks ago, him nor his family care or support our daughter. I do it alone. I was so sad for my kid because thats her side of the family and they are racist and envious people. They treated me like shit and my kid like a pond. We left there at the end of October. While I drove back home his sister, [who was a expert witness after she sent these messages and while he was served with a restraining order] she sent me text messages telling me my lawsuit was over, she recorded me without my consent and sent to the defense. I tried to gather my fear of their actions. Well long story short, it happened. Even though, I had all this proof it was ignored and covered-up and thrown away. :( My lil girl is in kindergarten now, I just want us to start fresh... I do have all documents to prove my request of my campaign. Please and Thank you for your time and support. Share my story, I survived and made it thru adversity. By the Grace of God. Amen... Please send info or questions or concerns thru my email. My daughter and I appreciate all of you.


Organized by

Jay Fernandez

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