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Empowering communities with affordable clean water technologies

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If ever there was a good fight, it would be to help communities to stand up and say, “No more suffering from dirty water”. Working with Friendly Water for the World and biosand water filter technology, we've become passionate about doing just that. On Wayne and Noah's recent trip to India to teach biosand workshops, SwamiGi at the ashram in Reshikesh, dubbed 12 year old Noah a “world water warrior”, and the name stuck.

We would like to embark on at least 2-3 trips per year to places where communities are ready to bring biosand filters and other appropriate technologies in a way that empowers groups to start micro-enterprises or community coops.

Our Crowdrise funds will go to pay for the cost of doing the biosand trainings and our travel expenses, For our first trip, our goal is to raise $12,000-$15,000 to go to Uganda and Burundi, Africa this June, July and into August.

In Burundi, one of our main goals is to teach a biosand workshop where friends want to set up a youth training facility in their home town. Eventually it will be a place where youth can gain valuable skills in sustainable fields like rainwater catchment, building solar panels, bicycle making, and permaculture. It will start with the critical component of learning how to make clean water.