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CROWDRISE : Mar 31, 2016
Tax ID: 26-3731932
BASED: Fulton, NY, United States


Come Discover Our Parks

The Friends of Fulton Parks have made a big difference in cleaning and improving the parks in Fulton, New York. Youth groups, local businesses and many community members have contributed their time and money to help revitalize the parks in the City of Fulton.

We, the Friends of Fulton Parks Inc., value our city parks as family-friendly places to exercise, play, relax, and rejuvenate, and as nourishment for inspiration and imagination. Our purpose is to enhance the quality of life for our residents and visitors by collaboratively restoring our public parks.


Our mission is to revitalize the public parks in the City of Fulton. We determine goals with the Fulton Department of Parks and Recreation, and partner with volunteer groups for specific projects to upgrade parks. We encourage community gatherings in the parks through special public events.


Our vision is to catalyze synergy in our community toward healthier living, hopeful attitudes, and a sense of responsibility for shared spaces, including the parks. We do so by augmenting the availability of outdoor recreational activities for children and adults. We want to see an increased use-capacity at each park, providing diverse opportunities for physical activity and emotional well-being.


By restoring safe and inviting places for families, friends and neighbors to gather, we serve the greater community by ultimately enhancing their quality of life, and by supporting local economic development. We strive to leave each place better than it was when we arrived.


Tax ID: 26-3731932 •


Fulton Teen Park

Fulton Teen Park

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80% Raised of $97,470 Goal