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Someone once said “you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have” and this mantra has stuck with me over the course of my life’s trials and tribulations. I never in a million years thought my life would come to this – asking for donations on a public website. But here I am…
My troubles began almost four years ago when my marriage of 20 years fell apart due to years of infidelity, health issues and deception. I somehow mustered the strength to leave and try to start a new life for myself and my children. That new life never began or even had a chance for that matter. My ex’s last words to me when I left were “I am going to make you pay for this” – and that he has done in spades. In the last four years I have been bombarded with obstacle after obstacle from the bitter ending of my marriage, acrimonious custody battle, countless child support court dates, thousands of dollars in legal and attorney fees, and complete financial insolvency to health issues from intestinal tumors, severe depression, bipolar disorder, uncontrolled hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and finally the cherry on the cake…cervical cancer caused by the HPV virus which I tested positive for in August 2013. Since this revelation (I am not going to say “diagnosis” because it doesn’t define me) my journey has become more arduous as the days go on. I have a full time job and thank God for that but I am unable to make ends meet at all on my salary alone. I am trying to put my oldest daughter through college and raise my 13 year old at home with me in a manner in which he is accustomed to. I moved to a decent area for the sake of my 13 year old – I wanted him in a good school district because of his ADD and learning disability – but my living expenses now added to travel expenses to and from court for custody and child support hearings, mounting medical co pays and prescription fees, looming lawyers’ bills, etc have me in a black hole that I do not see myself climbing out of. To make matters worse, my children’s’ father will not give me a divorce and because I cannot afford another lawyer to file the paperwork or do it myself, I am being held hostage in a legally binding marriage that I can’t get out of. My biggest fear is that God forbid something happens to me in the near future, he will legally be my next of kin and be able to do whatever he wants with my remains and life insurance. I am drowning and for the life of me, I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel. The bible says “you are blessed to be a blessing unto others” and while I do not feel too blessed as I look at my empty refrigerator or my son wearing the same jeans every day or having no coat, I know I am. I have 3 great, understanding children, a job, I am alive and getting treatment, my mother is still alive, and I am confident, despite my current circumstance, God will not forsake me. In my life, I have always put the needs of others ahead of my own (sometimes to my detriment) and now I am hoping that someone somewhere will find it in their hearts to donate a few dollars to my cause. I really do not have a goal per se and I am not asking for anything extra. I just want to be able to dig myself out of this hole I am in, pay my medical expenses, rent, utilities, car payment, clothes for my son, and provide him with the life he deserves and not the one I have forced him into by leaving his father. If you are able to help me, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. If not, please keep me and my family in your prayers. God Bless!

II Corinthians 9:8-12 (ESV)
God has not blessed me so I can hoard what I have been given. Certainly, as Ecclesiastes taught, I am allowed to enjoy my blessings. But, I must remember that the main reason for which God has blessed me is so I may be a blessing to others.



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