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CROWDRISE : Feb 07, 2013
Tax ID: 36-4695733
BASED: New York Avenue, NY, United States



HSLQ Mission

Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter (HSLQ) is a non for profit civic organization that promotes: • Community development • Safe streets programs • Neighborhood revitalization • Unity & respect of neighbors • Cultural preservation • Education programs • Increased home ownership • Youth enrichment programs • Senior Citizen Programs

Why was HSLQ formed?
An organization to develop civic pride and individual responsibility was required in Huntington Station. An organization that promotes responsible business practice and a neighborhood that is inviting to consumers of all corners of Long Island is sorely missing. Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter (HSLQ) was born of these necessities.

In 2010 HSLQ was founded by Mr. Xavier Palacios and Mr. Edwin Perez. As long time residents and business owners of Huntington Station, they have an intimate understanding of how the community required social and economic guidance. The community’s potential to thrive civically and economically was misdirected and untapped. HSLQ aims to develop a socially healthy community that can boast pride and prosperity and in turn invite investors and consumers from areas outside of Huntington Station. HSLQ continues to encourage and aid commerce into the community.
The community is challenged in keeping education a top priority for the youth and the undereducated. The emphasis and desire to be educated is lost to the lure of gang membership, delinquency or lack of emphasis in the home. The community lacked visible role models that demonstrated the significance of education. Role models are necessary as they provide understanding of goal attainment for the youth of the community.
HSLQ has created various events and programs to engage the community in civic pride, unity and the belief that its residents can make valuable contributions to the community at large. HSLQ holds an open door policy at its weekly meetings inviting the voices of the community to be heard.
HSLQ is a movement from within the community with the belief that the solution to what ails Huntington Station “Is Up To Us.”

Why call it a "Latin Quarter"?
Huntington Station is a diverse community with a vast array of valuable human experiences. The diversity of the community is one of its major assets. It is our belief that if we revitalize the Latino segment of Huntington Station, then the community as a whole will benefit from a well organized and educated Latino population.

The overall community morale has taken a severe blow and the cultural differences have been negatively amplified. A solution to these stigmas lies in the efforts of community leaders and role models that can distinguish the perceived problems from true community issues. HSLQ has adopted the phrase “It’s Up to Us” as Mr. Palacios, Mr. Perez and its members believe that empowering, protecting and preserving community values is a vital step in the revitalization of Huntington Station.
Our efforts are not meant to exclude any residents, we simply aim to repair a stigmatized reputation. Our mission is to provide a community of positive role models, pride in education, safety on our streets and unity between neighborhoods.

Tax ID: 36-4695733 •


Ena Consuelo Flores Memorial Fund

Ena Consuelo Flores Memorial…

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8% Raised of $15,000 Goal

Maggie Matters

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4% Raised of $25,000 Goal

Memorial Fund for Kevin Mendez

Memorial Fund for Kevin Mendez

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59% Raised of $10,000 Goal

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109% Raised of $10,000 Goal

Let's bring Carolyn Lukralle home!!

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56% Raised of $22,000 Goal