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Friends of Old Seven Inc., a volunteer grass roots organization, is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that has been established to serve as a credible and official entity that is responsible for expressing public input to the ongoing processes revolving around the planning and reconstruction of the Old Seven Mile Bridge.

WHAT WE ARE TRYING TO DO:  save, restore, enhance and maintain the Old Seven Mile Bridge through sound planning, solid public and private funding (including significant local counterpart sharing), responsible project execution, scheduled maintenance and, first and foremost, continuing widespread community support.

WHAT IS THE OLD SEVEN MILE BRIDGE?:  Old Seven is a 2.2 mile section of the Flagler Railway which was completed in 1912 and linked the mainland of Florida to Key West in the Florida Keys.  This section, over 2.2 miles of open water with outstanding views of sea life, sunsets and both the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Oceans, is visited by over 100,000 persons per year.  The bridge spans the distance between Marathon Key and Pigeon Key, the site of the Flager Railway workers living quarters, and now a historic site and museum -