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Friends of Peninsular

Friends of Peninsular
CROWDRISE : Sep 02, 2014
Tax ID: 46-5737467
BASED: Grand Rapids, MI, United States


Friends of Peninsular


Creating a nonprofit Montessori school.

As people who love and care for children we find our conversations around the table sooner or later finding its way to the topic of education. There have always been stories to tell, classrooms to compare and memories of our favorite teachers. It is the wonderful adventure of education that sets our course, allows us to find our path and be successful in our lives. Those conversations are how ideas begin to grow and develop. As Friends of Peninsular, we are people who love and care for children as they embark on their educational journey to ensure that it is a meaningful experience. Friends of Peninsular is a nonprofit organization that is committed to educational development which allows children to maintain their curiosity about learning, to find their path and be successful. We would enjoy your company along the way.

Tax ID: 46-5737467 •


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