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Friends of the Shelter - Davidson County...

Friends of the Shelter - Davidson C...
CROWDRISE : Jun 05, 2014
Tax ID: 61-1690891
BASED: Winston Salem, NC, United States


Friends of the Shelter - Dav...

Ginger's Fund

Ginger's Fund is set up to help assist the authorities with neglect, abandonment, and cruelty animal cases by providing the immediate vet care they need. There is now hope for the abused and neglected, and it all started with Ginger. About Ginger On December 31, 2011 Lexington Police (NC) was responding to a non-animal related call when they noticed two chained Rottweilers dead in a neighboring yard. A third dog was found malnourished and neglected inside of the home, we named her Ginger. The 2 Rottweilers died of starvation, and Ginger was not far behind their fate. Through extensive medical care Ginger survived, with only physical scars left to tell her story.

The Ginger’s Fund program was created to help neglected animals or animal cruelty survivors at the request of Davidson County law enforcement agencies. The program springs into action when an investigation of animal neglect or animal cruelty is initiated.  

Local Animal Control Officer’s often are the first to investigate the allegations of abuse or neglect. During the investigation the animals are normally surrendered by their abuser or seized by the investigating agency for their protection and need vet care immediately. Animals are taken to a vet, triaged, and housed.  This is all paid for through public donations to Ginger’s Fund.  Animal victims are medically treated; spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, loved, and foster/adoptive homes are solicited to provide the care and treatment that the animal should have received from its prior owner.

Animal cruelty and neglect are crimes.

Offender accountability of animal neglect or animal cruelty is crucial. Offenders are criminally charged with an offense against the animal(s). This may be a citation for an animal ordinance violation all the way to an arrest for animal cruelty. 


“Ginger’s Fund was created to help neglected animals or animal cruelty investigations by law enforcement where the offenders are held criminally accountable for what they did, allowed to happen, or the condition of the animal.”

Ginger’s Fund is a program operated under our non-profit FOS-DCNC (Friends of the Shelter – Davidson County NC Inc.) Donations are tax-deductible.

Donations can be made via PayPal – or mail to PO Box 1036 Thomasville NC 27361

EIN – 61-1690891

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Tax ID: 61-1690891 •


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