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Friends of the West Shore works toward the preservation, protection and conservation of the West Shore, our watershed, wildlife and rural quality of life, for today and future generations. Tax ID 46-1356084


Friends of the West Shore (FOWS) is a Lake Tahoe, grassroots community conservation organization established to help preserve and enhance the character, scale, environment and historical significance of the West Shore. It is a resource to the community and uses the collaborative efforts of the residents to make a positive impact on the West Shore’s environment and neighborhoods. FOWS promotes sustainable communities and policies that enhance our natural resources and the beauty of the West Shore. FOWS has over 500 West Shore residents who respond to our petitions, write letters, provide contributions, and support our goals. FOWS is the only grassroots organization on the West Shore giving a collective voice to its residents to preserve the local rural quality of life and environment.

FOWS is dedicated to preserving residents’ quality of life and the cultural atmosphere of the West Shore.

  • Our Board members and active volunteers work tirelessly to protect and conserve the West Shore’s environment through scientific, legal, educational, and regulatory means.
  • We support appropriate redevelopment consistent with the character and scale of our communities.
  • We are your eyes, ears, and voice at local, state, federal and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency meetings.
  • We will inform you of environmental concerns and upcoming events through our e-Alerts, Newsletters and website.