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From Dust to Prominence

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Prof., Dr. Mogana S. Flomo, Sr. was born on July 16, 1955 in Bellemu Town, Panta Chiefdom, Panta District, Bong County, Liberia. His father, a subsistence farmer in Kpelleland, was Oldman Bomosie Flomo, and his mother was Nowai Matee Flomo, both of the Kpelle Tribe in Liberia. Mogana is a physically challenged person who has fought his way from nowhere to somewhere in society. He is a humanitarian, a Manager by profession, a teacher who has been in the classroom for several years. He got married to Angeline Sennie Flomo on May 20, 1975 and God blessed them with seven children: Dr. Mogana S. Flomo, Jr., Dr. Augustus J. Flomo, Wilson B. Flomo, Agnes M. Flomo, Emmanuel Nuankweli Bomosie Flomo, Christiana Rachel Lorpu Flomo, and Abel Tchetche Flomo. Mogana and Angeline have taken care of several relatives’ children in society and many other venerable children in the Liberian society. Because of the level he has reached in life, he has decided to write his life history entitled, “From Dust to Prominence”. He has the vision that this book could be used to counsel people who are challenged physically or visually or even mute to learn how to overcome their disabilities in order to become useful in society. Dr. Flomo was born in the swamp when his mother and a group of women had gone to weed grass from the rice. This was in July, the Rainy Season in Liberia. According to his mother’s story, when he was born, the first food that he ever ate on earth was a mud from the swamp mixed in water in a calabash because it was a hunger season in Liberia, and therefore, the mother did not have milk in the breast to feed him. The book, which is considered Volume One, touched various aspects of the life of Mogana. God allowed him to pass through so many trials that could have impeded his progress, but persistently, he fought his way through to become someone very important in his community, and his country. (PLEASE READ THE DETAILS IN THE BOOK).



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