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From kids to teens to men & women. (D.A.D.S)

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Name: DAD'S million pro's Acronym: [D]ONATE [A] [D]AY [S]AVING365× Program helper: TO HELP DAD'S BECOME STRONGER CO-PARENTS AFTER LIFESTYLE inquiries separations building men . Whom needs: All genders needs parents♧ The conviction: Even if child-support has given one less parental guidance , indifferent work ethic overall length of time. Has cause many to resort to illegal activities in/out work place. The distress causes overwhelming temptations, no one wants to be late, behind, in decline. The plan: This is an opportunity forward to open mind helping hand, trend abroad to community , communication understanding public relations, withdrawal of political corrections. Because morality standards rules out all unrighteousness. Also partner with appstore affiliate programs to severe the elderly. A sign needs in area. (Never outside homes territory) Founder: Thomas Randolph lll. The Inspiration: James W. Hall (grandfather) & Virdell Hall (grandmother) The motivation:The hard life my mother has been stricken within, losing a lot, survived a lot and been through life's differences while still holding it together and having her own while god is her husband and I'm her son/man but she divorce me, cause I lost time and being the man she knows I should be. I lost my dad, days before Christmas, a days before moving back to home in Texas, to change and make my life better education living arrangements being a man before being a grown man. Because I stayed with my dad only months + always came in to town and take us out to some place of business, fun times buy movies & buy plenty clothing & more. Than drop us off and he's gone out of town. Home, Wishing hoping and praying for my dad, and having a bad stepdad, causes many growing pains, with growing up in area when & where needed a dad. It's only so much any child can get from others in childhood, than what dad's relationship means to the mental learning stability of the growing of not just a family, but our relations with people in lifetime. It's much more but meds came in to cool the meltdown. All case-by-case differences. All needed love!! The story: I am a victim, advocate, testament to the endurance of many hurtful acts and losses, at a very young age. At age 35 just starting to pull greater journeys for other cause in lifetime, time is not in the machine yet, Until than! Let's build a stronger you,me, home, street, community, schools, jobs, creativity, cultures, laws, rules, responsibilities, life&living;, economy, agricultura, speaking builds real relationships status, understanding & confidence wisdom knowledge from the program of the DAD's program. Donate A Day"Saving dad's mentor program relationship rebuildments fundamental foundation in god we trust. Thank you for your beliefs of a new tomorrow cause we know betterment. None profit organization Donation needed of meaningful needs for providing information, education, hopes & dreams for the kids and families of today's society come true. Fundraisers will benefit the help of needs for kids, parents, events if needed, also transportation of the groups, also help parents with transportation for the partnership and time of donated time to kids of group and community activities also school& after school in WiFi camera houses and stream live territory for safety all day 24/7, also jobs for the background challenged minority healthy habits educator sección for all ages and doctor appointments. Theme quote: Time is on our side o'yes it is Time is on our side yes it is. Forever if you believe in yourself. Amen MUST SIGN UP FOR SAFETY REASONS: KIDS WELL-BEING. PROTECTION OF KID-SPIRATION, PROGRAM AS WELL FOR STAFFS & FAMILIES. WE LOOKING FOR ANY OFFENSES OF ANY CHILD MATTERS. - WILL- (DISQUALIFIES YOU IMMEDIATELY) RULES and REGULATIONS, and RESTRICTIONS ARE APPLICABLE LAW ENFORCEMENT & ABUSE WILL BE REPORTED. PLEASE SIGN UP: Your child up for EVENTS of a LIFETIME to LAST a LIFETIME from LIFESTYLES . SCHOOLHOUSE, HOMEWORK, WIFI DAY CARE, STUDY HALL, PERFOMING ART'S STUDIO,



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