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Nicole Walus' Fundraiser:

Moving from Orphanages to Family Homes

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We received a heartbreaking phone call informing us that the Ghanaian government is forcing all orphanages in the country, including the one we support to close. This decision to abruptly close all orphanages is their attempt to appear more advanced to a world audience who favors adoption and family homes to orphanages. The sad fact is, the government has no plans or resources to build these family homes or care for the children once the orphanages close. Rather, they are sacrificing the well-being of children for the sake of an unrealistic political image.

The underlying problem is this: orphans in Ghana are viewed as “lesser people,” as undesirables, and those with special needs are considered cursed. So no one is motivated to adopt them. But simply closing the orphanages doesn’t change the number of orphans. It only displaces them.

Let’s take a moment to consider what has already happened to hundreds of orphans because of this political maneuver. Each orphanage that has already been forced to close down was given a date by which to transport their kids to a central location. There, absolutely anyone off the street could take them without any accountability.

Now, consider how the people of Ghana view orphans. It is extremely unlikely that the people lined-up to take them had worthy intentions. Most of these kids have a life of slavery to look forward to. Some were forced into child slave labor; others were initiated into the dark world of sex trafficking, while still more were picked up by child molesters who imprison them for habitual abuse. Of course, some of these kids will escape, preferring to live on the streets. But none of these options sound like a solution to Ghana’s real problem.

When I picture the faces of the children we’ve loved and supported over the past 10 years - we will not allow this to happen to our kids.

It has always been our dream to build family homes and transition our kids into a more stable, loving, and favorable growing environment. We have already purchased land for this purpose. So the news that we must close the orphanage hasn’t altered our plans; it only accelerates them.

The government recognizes the positive impact of ABLFK’s work in Ghana and is in favor of our plan for these homes. Their positive view of ABLFK is allowing us a little more time to build family homes. At most, we would have a year, so we must act and we need to start now. Now is the time to build.

A year from now, our children will either be lined up and given away or be moving into a loving, family home.

We need you to join us as to build family homes for our kids.

Phase 1: $125,000
- Land has already been purchased for the purpose of family homes
- Build three family homes 
- Furnish the homes with beds, kitchen table, couch, dressers, two cribs,
  and necessary appliances
- Eight orphanage children will live in each family home
- Each family home will employ a full-time house mother trained in    
   whole-child well-being 
- Each family home will employ a full-time assistant trained in whole-child
- Drill a well to provide clean water to all families
This will save the lives of 24 of our most vulnerable kids out of the 80 living at the orphanage now.

Phase 2 would consist of adding more family homes, putting a fence around the property, and raising the funding needed to send all of the children to school.

What CAN you do?  We wish we could provide family homes for all of our orphanage children right now, unfortunately, that's an impossible solution.  But what we CAN do is to work to make lives better for as many kids as possible.  

With a project of this magnitude, every single donation makes such a difference and brings us closer to being able to build these homes! Thank you so much. We truly could not do this life-saving work without YOU.

How will your  Generous Donations Change Lives?
Each donation is greatly appreciated and 100% of your gift will go directly towards saving the lives of our orphanage children. With a $500+ donation, your name will be proudly displayed on a plaque in one of our family homes.

$1.00 - $499 Send Love
Protect our Kids
$1,000 Give
$2,500 Support a
Help our Kids Thrive
$10,000+  Create Futures

Your gift will send a very important message to our children…you are loved and we care about you! A home and a loving family can change a child’s life and give them hope for the future. Thank you so much for your support!

100% of your donation will go directly towards this life-changing project and is tax deductible!

To learn more, please visit our blog at

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