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From street to normal

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Butnee Enkhamgalan


In 2002, I was a street alcoholic but now I am father of almost 2 and true partner my other half, MEd in Educational management and awaken. I lived in street from late September till mid November in Mongolia where is gets extreme cold. I was mentally shocked with family situation and didn't wanted to bother any of my people around me. I stayed in a hotel about month and half, when I ran out of cash I went to street. Didn't have a place to sleep and mostly stayed in entrances. I wanted to get out of the situation wanted to find a job but I had no place to take a shower obviously no place to wash my clothes nor haircut. I had no choice but to stay there as I was. But I took a courage and left the place after short time to travel around Mongolia for 6 months. To take a break from all what I had. Now, I know most of the street people try to get out of it. They do have some options now. But I know that they trying to find a way themselves. I am sure they can, but it can happen after one good shower and after changing clothes. They would look at themselves in the mirror and they will see positive face. They will want to make a change after such small change. They will find reason, courage and power to do so visiting such place. I am here proposing to set up a place where street people can go voluntarily to take a shower and wash their clothes as well as take a haircut. It will lead to possible positive change for those who are helplessly lost. This will be a place where such individuals can lighten up their hope and find a way to get rid of from existence to living. There is no such place and in winter there are 5 people die because of frost in Mongolia. Mostly street people. Over 51.2 % Mongolians drink over loaded in Mongolia. Through this possibility, I am willing to bring hope to those who had lost it totally and potentially safe lives. Location, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia



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