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Establishment of Fruit and vegetable processing plants for the purpose of female employment

Hunza Gojal is well known for the production of different types of fruits and vegetables. The area is very fertile for production of potato, apple and apricots. The production is used for making different type of food material inside the country in the major cities through transportation from the area. After the production of the materials then again sale them to the same market and other parts of the area .The facilities and machines are not available at the local level to make different type of food item and sale them in the market. There are so many types of juices, jams, jelly and other material in the market made by apple, apricot and other fruits which are available in Hunza-Gojal. Potato is also cash crop of the area and it is also transported to other parts of the country, it is using for different food items like chips, French fries and other type of food items.
The purpose of establishing vegetable and fruit plants is to make different food material from available fruits and vegetables in the area and encourage women businesses. Every year a large number of fruits and vegetables are going to waste due to unavailability of facilities of drying, packing and manufacturing facility in the area. We can use the plants to preserve the fruits and vegetables and use them for long time as well as to sell them the local, national and international markets.
Goals and of objectives
The goal of this project is to increase employability of women through establishment fruit and vegetable plants.
The objectives of this project are,
1) To develop fruit processing industry
2) To reduce the high losses of fruits and vegetal produced during the season
3) To increase and encourage female employment in the area
4) To encourage the production of fruits and vegetables in the area and it will help the people and will have direct impact on the social, educational and welfare in the region.

There are direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project, those who will produce fruits and in the area will be direct beneficiaries an d the total no of those people will be 515 and those who are producing potato and vegetables are 3765. the employees of the plants will be direct beneficiaries and the who 25643 population and the population of the GB will be indirect beneficiaries of the project
Major activities
The following activities will be carry out for the establishment of the plant
• MASO will be the project implicating organization
• One of the VO/WO in the MASO area will given the task to implement the project
• Labor will be provided by the local women organizations
• Land will be purchase or donated by the responsible VO/WO
• Community share will be responsible of the implementing Vo/WO
• Purchase of machinery will be responsible of the organization
• Purchase and arrangement of rough material for the plants
Output, outcome, impact
• Increase female employment in the region
• Production of food items at local level
• Availability of vegetable and fruit products at local, regional and national level
• Fresh product will be available to the people
• To reduce the wastage of fruits in the area
• Increase the value of the productions

Budget estimate
S.No Activities Budget
1 Purchase of machines 5000000
2 Purchase of land 1000000
3 Fruit and vegetable 100000
4 staffing 500000

Organizational information
Maso will be responsible to establ ish the plant with the help of local village organization or women organization.



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