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Fuel Fund of Central MD, Inc.

The Fuel Fund of Maryland provides financial and educational resources to vulnerable Maryland families for heat and home utility needs. Our donors, board and staff support and advocate collaborative funding and services that ensure affordable energy to families that must overcome hardship caused by poverty, illness, disability, financial hardship and age while assisting these families to meet their basic human needs. Tax ID 52-1204629


Too many Marylanders live one crisis away from choosing to pay their energy bill, mortgage, rent or prescribed medications.  Some are seniors on a fixed income, those facing a chronic illness or an  unexpected job loss. Whatever the struggle may be, we are often the last and only resource to keep their home safely powered. 

Families who receive help always pay as much of their bills as they are able. The portion that is unaffordable is usually divided among the customer, the Fuel Fund donations and bill credits allowed by the utility. In this way, the Fuel Fund supplements the resources of each family.