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What does Fuhaha mean ?

"Fuhaha" means " We are here" in the mijikenda dialect spoken in coastal region of Kenya. It is a typical response to the question "Are your here " or in local dialect this would be "Ela Muhaha".

It is pronounced---Foo-Ha-Ha.

We believe that the African talented player in the village should have a chance to get good soccer foundation skills as provided by good coaches. Apart from soccer, we also have girl education program initiatives. In Kilifi district out of 100 that start school only 5 matriculates at age 14 years.

          While we are aiming to be self sufficient soon, we have depended on donors and well wishes for survival and request for your help to allow our program to remain sustainable. No donation is small. We have applied for 501(c).
You can also choose to donate soccer kits such as soccer balls, uniforms, clits and jerseys.