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Aim High for High School's Fundraiser:

Fund a Local Need: Provide Social Emotional Learning to 150 East Palo Alto Students

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“Aim High staff made me feel like I mattered at a time when I felt worthless. They showed me it was okay to be who I really am, to love who I am, and to not be ashamed of myself." ~ Aim High Student 

Aim High invites you to invest in helping 150 East Palo Alto students discover their best selves this summer! 

What We Do: 

Aim High is a nationally-recognized and award-winning free summer program with a 30-year track record. Summers at Aim High include academics, enrichment, social emotional learning, and college awareness. Our students are in middle school, primarily low-income and the first generation in their family to attend college. Over the past three decades we have inspired 10,000 students across the Bay Area, including 550 in East Palo Alto.

How You Can Support: 

Aim High seeks $50,000 to enhance the social and emotional learning opportunities available to the 150 students and teachers at our East Palo Alto Campus. 

$50,000 funds:

-2 counselors ($9,000)

-1 academic coach ($2,000)

-7 teachers with credential and/or graduate degrees in education ($28,000)

-6 teaching interns for Issues & Choices, Aim High’s signature -social emotional course ($6,000)

-Teacher training, specifically on conflict resolution and community building ($5,000)

Social and Emotional Learning Matters, Especially in Middle School 

New research shows that adolescence is a second toddlerhood in many ways. Both toddlers and adolescents are learning new ways to communicate, push boundaries, understand their capabilities, and search for their independence. Add puberty to that, and it’s no wonder why middle school can be such a challenge for kids, teachers, and parents alike. 

That’s why the middle grades are the pivotal “make or break” years when a young person’s wellbeing and future success depends on their social and emotional aptitude. Despite this, social and emotional skill-building often falls by the wayside in traditional school settings. At Aim High, in contrast, our students’ social and emotional development is central to our program. For example, all Aim High students participate in Issues & Choices, a daily adolescent development course unique to our program. Issues & Choices is a safe space where students discuss what matters to them: identity, peer pressure, racism, xenophobia and college and career options.

As fear and anxiety increasingly permeate our students’ lives, Aim High remains committed to providing a nurturing environment where students feel accepted, listened to, and valued. 

“Aim High is magical, there’s only one way to describe it. Being there every day brings out who you are and you just can’t do that in school, where people stare and people judge. At Aim High, you feel safer, happier, and just you.” ~ Aim High Graduate

Your Impact 

You can help. Today. This summer. Your gift to Aim High will enhance our 

Issues & Choices course, provide critical training to educators and offer holistic and wraparound social and emotional support for East Palo Alto students. Consequently, your gift will transform lives. 

A $50,000 investment will result in the following outcomes:

-90% of students will say they felt like a part of a community at Aim High. 

-90% of students will say that Issues and Choices helps them make positive life choices. 

-90% of students will say that their reading/writing/math/science skills improved. 

-90% of students will say Aim High helped them understand the relationship between college and career options. 

With your support, after their summers at Aim High, our East Palo Alto students will: 

-Attend school regularly (85%) 

-Enroll in grade level, college-prep math and English courses (80%)

-Graduate from high school on time (90%) 

-Enroll into college (85%) 

Teachers are an intentional second beneficiary of Aim High’s model. With the specialized training we are providing, Aim High educators will develop essential skills and acquire resources they can bring back to their academic year classrooms. Students throughout the Bay Area deserve to be taught, inspired, and mentored by well-equipped teachers. 

Revolutionize summer, and transform students’ futures. Invest in Aim High today.



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