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Denis Pankratov


I'm Denis and I am 19 years old. I live in the village of Bolshaya-Glushitsa, but I study in construction College in the city of Samara. Since my birth my life was difficult and I even think that my whole life is like the script of any melodrama. I was born in a dysfunctional family, in which the relationship of all relatives was very difficult. My parents fought constantly, yelled and fought for many reasons, but mostly due to the fact that my father constantly went to clubs, drank and was unfaithful to my mother. During their quarrel and strife I took at the hands of my little brother (then I was 5 years old and he was 1 year) and hid behind the cupboard from all this horror. My parents were angry at me, I just got the screams, the accusations, threats and attacks in the address. All my childhood I was busy with school, compulsory housework (including agriculture) in my family who never loved me and only laughed at me and made to work no matter what, even if at that moment I felt bad. My father died when I was 6 years old. After work he went home and his death hit by a car at which wheel there was a drunk woman who has broken many rules of the road. This woman not was jailed because she bribed the judge, accordingly, no assistance from the state my family and I don't received. My mother was very difficult , so she was constantly depressed and in a state of aggression, and this is reflected in her attitude towards me. She often yelled at me, said I was to blame, threatened me, beat me with fists on the head (I grew their hair long, in order that people do not notice any bruises on my face and ears), got out a leather belt with a metal buckle, and beat me on the bare ass, back and legs. Once she beat me to such an extent, that my above mentioned places there were small bleeding scratches and bruises, and then she kicked me out on the street, despite the fact that I was completely naked. Of course she came back for me in 10 minutes, drove me home and again began berating me. A few times she pushed me and I had to spend the night at my friends. No, I was not a naughty child. I did well in school, every day was cleaning the house and worked with relatives. After his father's death, my family is still in huge financial debt and loans, but we had again and again to take out new loans to pay old loans and not to die of hunger, because of the wages my mother was not enough for sustenance and to repay debts. For this reason, right after school I worked as a loader at the post office to even make ends meet. I want to ask for financial assistance from all the kind and compassionate people. Here I want to raise $15.000 that I would have spent to pay off all loans and debts, for repairs of our apartment, buy winter clothing, as well as the fact that I had a small capital in order to after graduation (may 2018), I was able to go to Saint Petersburg to study at the University (faculty of arts) and work, thereby providing themselves. In advance I want to thank all the caring people from around the world. All the best to you!



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