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Fund the Freedom Anywhere Newsletter for Inmates

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Imagine living a life where you are completely identified by the worst day of your life. Imagine being told that you ARE the worst thing you've ever done, and that there is no hope for anything better. This is reality for over 2 million incarcerated people in the United States. Now, imagine reading a free newsletter each month that told you that you are a child of God, completely loved just as you are. Imagine reading that within you is the capacity for perfect peace, profound kindness and boundless love. That's what the Freedom Anywhere Newsletter does for more than 400 inmates in 21 states. An annual subscription costs just $10.00 , and we're asking you -- yes, YOU -- to make sure one more inmate can hear the Divine Truth about God and about themselves this year. Why Reach Out to People in Prison? Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone needs forgiveness. Everyone is part of God. Everyone deserves to be remembered. (Tana Alert, prison volunteer) We make the Freedom Anywhere Newsletter free to inmates because they rarely have money to pay, and the small amount they may make needs to go to their families. We print it on paper and mail it because so few inmates have regular access to computers. Each issue we send out gets passed around the cell block, inspiring many inmates to look at the world differently and to see with new eyes. Alan in California writes, "Thank you so much for the newsletter I receive every month. You have made it possible for a lot of us on the inside to see the light and believe in a greater power. I share the newsletter with Spanish speaking inmates. I translate the best I can, but there's about 6 guys I translate your articles to. It's my pleasure to share the word and everything this spiritual path has given to me. These guys are my prayer partners. I am theirs as well." For just $10, you can personally ensure that one inmate receives an entire year of the Freedom Anywhere Newsletter. That's one year of prayers. One year of meditation and spiritual practice. One year of meaningful tools for anger management, goal setting, conflict resolution and achieving inner peace. One year of knowing that the truth of God is reaching the hearts and minds of some of society's most challenged individuals. Please consider giving now. Fund one inmate, or blow our mind and fund all 400 inmates! It is our most fervent goal to expand and reach the lives of as many inmates as will have us. Why? We believe that everyone deserves to know the truth of their Divine nature and that there is NOTHING that is unforgivable to God. We believe that this truth changes hearts, changes minds and will change our world. Freedom Anywhere Newsletter is a publication of the First Church Prison Ministry First Church of Religious Science, in Vallejo, California and is directed by Aikya Param, RScP with a team of beloved volunteers and contributors More testimonials from readers: "Religious Science has saved my life. It has become a way of life. The quotations of Ernest Holmes are like picking up pearls on the beach. May you always find Our Creator's embrace in your heart." Audrey in Oregon "Your newsletter I receive every month. I read them and I say the Spiritual Mind Treatments on the back of your newsletter daily and it's given me peace." Tammy in California "I'm learning more and growing more positive and productive every day." Jason in Illinois



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