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Funding Alternative Transportation


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December 04, 2012

The Augusta Greenway Alliance seeks to foster Smart Growth and green transportation; benefiting the economy, environment and society.  See more


Friends and supporters:

The Augusta Greenway Alliance is attempting to do a number of innovative things with sustainable transportation, not least of which is requiring that the funding of alternative transportation facilities be given serious consideration by the State of Georgia.

We as a nation have spent at least two trillion dollars on our interstate highway system alone, and own over a million miles of highways. The vast majority of these were planned and built during an era defined by cheap oil, environmental indifference and a robust American economy.

Today’s realities are different, requiring new approaches.

The Energy Security Leadership Council, a nonpartisan group of national leaders including retired military generals, admirals, and Fortune 500 CEO’s, just released a new report entitled “A National Strategy for Energy Security.”

Some key points of this report::

  • 50% of our nation’s trade deficit is due to imported oil
  • Increased domestic energy production has reduced foreign oil consumption from 60% to 40% of our total in the last five years, yet we are still spending just as much money on foreign oil (due to higher oil prices)
  • Every major USA recession since the mid-Twentieth Century has been precipitated by an oil price shock
  • Our nation’s security is underpinned by a solid economy. Its economic underpinning is threatened by our over-reliance on oil, whether foreign or domestically-produced.
  • 70% of all oil consumption in the USA is for transportation
  • 92% of USA transportation depends on petroleum
  • Alternatives to oil-based transportation are of vital interest to our local, state and national economies, and to our national security.

All of these points are consistent with our message at the Augusta Greenway Alliance, and why our Georgia Alternative, Sustainable Transportation Act (GASTA) is so important.

Please read our bill here:

With your help, we hope to get GASTA passed by the Georgia General Assembly in 2013.  This will not happen without a broad supporting coalition and lobbying campaign.  Despite the clear need for developing alternative transportation in Georgia, the sheer inertia of the status quo will present a formidable barricade to change.

Please consider helping us out with a tax deductible contribution to this cause.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes, from the Augusta Greenway Alliance!



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