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Hello friends & family!

                First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTRIBUTION & SUPPORT! Whether it be through prayer, donation or both!!  I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life, who are willing to follow me on my crazy journey, and stay up to date with the incredible things God is doing inside my heart!

                As most of you may already know, I have been given a life-changing opportunity to come here to Kona, Hawaii & be taught on being a disciple of Jesus & becoming a missionary for His purposes!  It's been about 6 weeks & we're halfway through our schooling phase with Community Transformations DTS  (Discipleship Training School) & we'll be here for another 6 weeks before we depart on our outreach teams!  And I happen to be going on my mission to...... (drum roll, please) ........  BRAZIL!  Yes!  I will be heading to Brazil in mid-December!

                My Brazil team has become my family..  Through our small group times & weekend family dinners..  There's already been quite a few laughs & friendships being built on the solid foundation of Jesus & following His lead!  We are all about being a family, or as we would say it in Hawaii, an ‘ohana’! :)

                As of right now, I have been completely blown away by the Lord & His amazing grace!  I am blessed to have such an amazing staff here in Kona & within our Comm Trans DTS.  This past month & a half has brought me so much revelation & transformed my heart on an unexpected level.  I AM SO PUMPED!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

                I have never felt this close to the Lord or the presence of His Holy Spirit in my entire life.  I now hear God speak to me on a regular basis, I have recieved prophetic word, I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit & I have recieved my spiritual gift of radical faith!  My eyes have been so opened to the reality of this life & what I'm actually living for.  This is my calling, this is my purpose & I have Jesus to thank for showing me that.

                In about 2 weeks, on November 21st, all of my outreach fees are due.  I have a remainder of $1,900 to get in by this date.

                If anyone wishes to support me further in my mission to Brazil, it would be a huge blessing beyond belief.  If you're so led, l will include a page detailing how to make contributions into my mission account, through YWAM's website.  Or if you prefer the old-fashioned way, mailing works too!  You will be actively part of sending me into ministry, changing my life forever & impacting the lives of many others.  For this, I thank you in advance & pray God's blessing in your lives!  To those who support me through encouragement, hope & prayers...  It is the most valuable contribution of them all.  I am so entirely grateful!!


Thank you & bless you all,


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